Day 53: New Macros

  The new macros are working out pretty well. Sometimes I have to rebalance them when I do Challenge Camp as the exercise then burns calories off and resets the macros a bit. It's slightly frustrating, but if I'm a little peckish I grab some salami and cheese and prosciutto. Not too bad. 

  I was feeling a bit sick to my stomach earlier, but after having some macadamia nuts I felt better. I'm having fatty snacks about an hour before challenge camp to give me a some energy. This helped. Our camp leader was getting a massage, so I went on a hike with another co-worker. When we came back, our work had a gelato truck in the parking lot.

  This isn't a complaint exactly. I didn't have any. I didn't really want any. I think it's awesome that my job does this. Instead of ice cream, I came back, cleaned off and ate my lunch. After work, came back to pick up my boyfriend to pack up the last few things in my apartment. Everything is pretty much done. It feels pretty good. 

  We came back and packed our lunches and are trying to make it an early night. There's not a whole lot else to report.