Day 52: Family Dinner

  We just got back from a family dinner at my mom's. There were five of of us: my boyfriend, my step-dad, my mom, my aunt and myself. There was a lot of Keto talk. I was getting a lot of questions about it and other things over dinner. All good things. My parents and my aunt all want me to get into this as a career.

  I am getting ready to start the Primal Health Coach program. I'm all signed up, but with the move coming, a good chunk of my spare time has been spent packing. That's soon all over and I can get down to studying! I'm really excited. I was looking into dietitian programs. Not only are they more expensive, but most places aren't seeming to accept me because I have a college degree. I'm a little shocked that they won't accept my payments. 

  I'm still doing research into programs. The Primal Health Coach certification seems the best place to start, but I may look into doing something at a local community college. Once the move is done and I have some more time, I will take a look.

  Before going to my parents, both of us had eaten and planed out our macros. I did challenge camp today and it's possible I had to adjust a little. We weren't sure whether there was going to be food or not. The food mom made was keto friendly. Steak, salad and salmon with a walnut crust. We both were a little peckish and ate some, but only to satiety.

  It was interesting to watch my step-dad cut off all the fat. I totally took a bunch of the fatty parts and ate them! So delicious. Keto really has turned into my passion. I can't wait to learn more and I look forward to adding this as one of my skills. I hope to use it to help others.