Day 51: Adjusting

  Today was the first time in a long time of updating to adjusted macros. When packing our lunches today, it felt like a lot less food than normal. It didn't feel like I was straining to match my macros. My boyfriend is still having issues hitting all of his. The protein goal is more manageable for both of us with the adjustments I made in the keto calculator. My boyfriend is having issues hitting his fat goal. We are looking into some easy alternatives.

  Avocados are on the top of the list. He has discovered that he actually quite likes them. He does put salt & pepper on them, but that's a great way to eat an avocado! I think we are going to take a look at some fat bombs to help him reach his fat goal. Part of it is that he's just not hungry. Lucky him.

  My hunger has finally died way down. I'm not starving or more accurately, feeling like I'm starving. I do get a little light headed sometimes, but I just grab some protein or one of my combined protein & fat snacks. I tend to eat a little something about an hour before the challenge camp at work. If I don't eat something, I feel a bit queasy. If I eat too close to working out then I get sick as well. It's not super fun. It has always been this way.

  I'm very curious to see how our weight adjusts with the new macros. With Challenge Camp, I often burn more calories and then my marcos change. Tonight I had some prosciutto, heavy cream and mozzarella to make up for the difference. Can't wait to see how tomorrow goes!