Day 49: Father’s Day

  Well, today is Father’s Day. It’s going to be a challenging keto day for part of it since we are going to a family friend’s house for a brunch. No idea what will be served.  

  To prepare for that, I ate my usual keto breakfast and had my bulletproof coffee so at least I won’t feel so hungry. If you want my thoughts on Father’s Day, hop over to my Curvy Girl Complications blog and read my post Daddy vs. Father. 

 Today is a tough day for my boyfriend since he no longer has his dad with him. I didn't really want to leave him alone, but I also didn't want him to feel like he had to interact with a bunch of people he didn't know on a day that is difficult for him.

  I went to my mom's and gave my step-dad his gifts. We then went over to our family friend's house. We've gone there often over the years and the food is really good. I just couldn't remember how much was keto friendly or not. Turns out quite a lot of it was. I ate to satiety and knew that later we would be going out for more food.

  I vented over on the ketogenic forums, but I'm still a bit raw from what happened. I'm sure that I blab about keto quite a bit. I do try and keep in mind that not everyone wants to hear things, but when people start asking, I will answer questions. As I was explaining and answering questions and saying what keto helps with, my older step-brother and his wife made it their mission to negate everything I was saying and make me look like an idiot in front of everyone. 

  They don't know anything about keto. They don't know about the benefits one can get. They've done no research. They haven't signed up to become a Primal Health Coach. They don't listen to around 2 hours of the 2 Keto Dudes Podcast a day to catch up. (FYI, I will add more podcasts onto my list, but I like to start from the beginning. Once I catch up to 2 Keto Dudes, I already have several on my list.)

  I know my older brother is a nasty piece of work. He has always been this way. In high school he used to pretend I didn't exist. Even when I was standing in front of him. He has never given me a card or birthday anything. He doesn't give holiday gifts. Fine he doesn't want to do that, it's ok. But he treats everyone in our family like we are disease, including his own dad, my step-dad who would give him the world if he asked. Maybe he has a condition. Maybe he doesn't. Doesn't matter. 

  If you disagree with someone fine. If you've done the research and can prove to me the science is wrong, great. Until then don't disrespect someone just because. I have never given any of them either reason to treat me with such disrespect. In fact, at one point, his wife actually turned her back on me. 

  I had given my dad an Amazon gift card with a list of book recommendations that the dudes had recommended. I came in to find two of the ones sitting on the table. In fact, once of them was one I hesitated to recommend because it's title. I didn't want my dad thinking that I was suggesting anything with the title Why We Get Fat. The other book he had sitting out was The Case Against Sugar, which I had put on my list. 

  After the event and we came back to my parents, I'm not going to lie I was in tears because of how angry I was at being treated that way. I only meant to tell my mom because I don't like mentioning to my step-dad about how awful his son is. My dad saw how upset I was and came over. He told me he was sorry and, "They would hear about it if they did the reading." He's so right. The information is out there. Sometimes you just need to find it. 

  He did tell me later he thought my relationship with my step-brother had gotten better. I told him it hadn't. I told him he (nor his wife) ever reciprocates anything. They only do what's polite to say they did. My step-dad was disappointed because his own son didn't really even talk to him on Father's Day at the event. Sure, they were going back to my parent's late for dinner, but still.

  While the rest of my family may not understand 100% what I'm doing or why, they support me for the most part. I know this is a rarity in the keto world. Especially when your dad is a doctor. Luckily for me, my dad does the reading to be informed and if you present him with the science he's more apt to listen. 

  I left my mom's to come home and spend time with my boyfriend. We watched some movies and played some games. Then we took our two friends to dinner to celebrate their birthdays and engagement. We went to Korean BBQ. So good! Almost everything is keto friendly. Now it's time to relax and get some sleep.