Day 48: Packing & Sister Visit

  There's not a whole lot to say for the keto journey today. We slept in since it's the weekend and we can. My boyfriend had a dentist appointment and while he was doing that I went to my apartment to pack things up. I managed to get through quite a lot.

  I planned out my day based on the fact that I knew his younger sister had a layover at LAX and we were going to grab her for dinner before she continued her journey. Since I knew we were having In-N-Out, I added that to My Fitness Pal this morning. Yes, it's totally possible to do In-N-Out while on Keto. 

  I ordered the Double Double Protein Style. I left the sauce on. I know that I probably should have asked for it without, but I wasn't able to find (at a brief glance) the Double Double Protein Style without sauce as an option in My Fitness Pal. Since this was factored in to my macros of the day, I didn't really have an issue eating the sauce since I planned for it. The sauce didn't make me feel sick or anything similar. 

  We eat the same breakfast every morning. To some people that might be boring, but I think it makes our day a little more efficient. I took a protein shake and some tuna with the blue cheese pecan dip to my apartment to snack on while I was packing. I didn't actually have the shake until I got back to the house.

  We tried a new technique with blending the bulletproof coffee. Well, it was new to me. We put in all our ingredients other than coffee first. Then we added the coffee and blended. This seems to distribute the cinnamon more evenly through the coffee without leaving it at the bottom. 

  After seeing his sister on the plane, we headed up to a bar to say hi to our friends who are a couple and share a birthday. Turns out we got to celebrate their engagement too! Congratulations!! It's a little hard for us being in a situation where everyone is drinking and/or drunk and we aren't. Basically, we tend to go out a bit less now, but it doesn't bother us. We don't miss drinking or wish that we were. It's just an interesting situation when you aren't and everyone else is.

  Now it's time to crash and prepare for tomorrow!