Day 47: Clear Mind

  Sometimes being motivated isn't always easy. So far in this keto journey, I haven't had a minute of "weakness" in wanting to stop. This was a lifestyle choice not a diet. I loved what the Keto dudes said about diets vs lifestyle. They said that diet already gets you in the mindset that you're not going to continue it from the beginning.

  Keto, for me, was never about a temporary change. It was about a permanent change. Finding a solution that could be kept up was what I was looking for. Something that made me feel better and was easy to sustain. Not everyone knows this about me, and I'm not embarrassed about it, but, it's not something I always just bring up. I'm extremely high functioning autistic. 

  If you know me well, you know I've always had problems interacting with people. It's a wonder to me still that I've managed to survive in customer service for so long. I think that part of it is that in a lot of customer service is about logic. You have to cater to the customer's emotional needs, but you also have guidelines you have to stay within. For someone like me, it's the guidelines that make all the difference.

  Often (90% of the time), I can't read how people are going to take things and often times it's simply that it doesn't factor in that I should care. I'm extremely logical and black and white. Emotions aren't something I understand easily. It's a constant struggle for me. People don't really understand how this process works for me.

  It's not that I'm incapable of doing it, it's just that it's an extreme amount of effort for me and constant vigilance. Keto has given me a clearer mind, which helps letting me breathe before responding. It makes it easier to judge what I'm saying and consider how someone else might take it.

  With keto, I've noticed that my mind is so much clearer. I still have a lot I have to work on. I'm not saying that keto "cured" it. I'm saying that keto has made it easier for me to process what I can't usually at first instinct. If you don't understand this problem, I can't accurately describe it to you.

  I was starting by talking about motivation, but I think that's going to be another post. I know I rave about 2 Keto Dudes quite a lot, but that podcast and those dudes really do deserve it. Without them and their podcast and all the amazing people on the ketogenic forum, I wouldn't have been able to open my mind to all the possibilities that keto offers. Hearing all the things that keto has helped people with is so inspiring. Listen to the Non-Scale Victories episode. It will show you all the amazing benefits non-weight related keto has to offer.

  Today was a good keto day. Did well with my macros. The challenge camp didn't happen today, but I took myself outside. I did some walking with a bit of a hike. Then I did some 30 day challenges. Once I start a routine I don't want to break it because it's so hard to start back up again. Now to keep it up on the weekend. I think my boyfriend and I are going to start training for the King's 5k. 

  I keep fading. I'm pretty wiped. Getting ready to move and working takes its toll. Only a few more weeks and then we'll be done. Time to get some rest for hardcore packing and clearing out tomorrow.