Day 45: Preparing

  Being prepared is a big part of how people are successful in everything, not just keto. Packing up my lunch the night before and getting my gym clothes put in a bag. My boyfriend and I get things planned out for the next day. Tonight we took out some salmon to defrost. We've almost finished using up the food from the freezer.

  We will have to go pick up some meat for our lunches, but we're still working through quite a few things in the fridge. So far our process is working for us. He has consistently lost weight each week. While the number varies, he's still gone down every week. My number isn't as steady, but the process is working and I feel so much better.

  Getting all the little things prepared so that in morning we can put the items in our lunch boxes with no delay. Sometimes we do things in the morning, but we try and minimize the amount that needs to be done so that we aren't rushing to get to work on time. 

  Today was my second day of challenge camp at work. It was upper body. It was hard and felt good. Helps me feel more energized getting back to work. It's a little bit of a rush to eat lunch and get back to work on time. There's not a whole lot  more to report.