Day 44: Challenge Camp

  Today was the first day in a long time that I exercised. At my work, they offer a variety of opportunities to work out throughout the day. All run by employees for employees. It's really quite awesome. Challenge Camp is during my lunch, but it doesn't take up the whole hour. Of course, I start the first one with having to run stairs.

  I managed to complete almost all three circuits of the stairs. I started feeling nauseated toward the end of the third set, so I rested. I didn't want to overexert myself and we were outside and it's not exactly cool in California in the summertime. I brought some wipes to clean myself off and a change of clothes. I think this may become a lunch time ritual. I was able to eat some of my lunch before getting back to work and took a protein shake to my desk.

  After work, headed to grab my boyfriend and then we went to my apartment to pack up. Spent an hour and got quite a bit done and the give away bag and box are stuffed. I'll need to take another one tomorrow! It's good getting it all done piece by piece. Way less stressful this way.

  When we got home, we prepared our snacks and food for tomorrow. My macros have been all measured out. I'm ready for tomorrow. I'm going to try eating some macadamia nuts about 30 mins before I workout to see if it helps. Now to get some sleep!