Day 10

Well today is day 10. I apparently forgot to take photos of my food today. The photos from last night work. Breakfast was eggs and some prosciutto and cheese. On my way to work I had my bulletproof coffee. Snacks were macadamia nuts, bouillon cube and salami with cheese.

Both my lunch and dinner were almost the same thing. It was a salmon filet and then for lunch it was with spinach and cauliflower rice. Dinner it was on the spinach. I was feeling really hungry this morning. I am not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I ate my macadamia nuts over a period of time so that I didn't overeat and have no snack to use. 

It was really surprising to have so much hunger. I'm hoping this is a sign that it's working. Just did a quick Google search and it seems that it's from switching from sugar burning to fat burning that's part of it. The morning hours seem to be when I'm most hungry. I'm hoping this will fade as time goes on.

I just ordered a cast iron pizza pan. We've been dying to try the fathead pizza recipe and I can't wait for this to get here. I also ordered a pizza cutter and a new Keto book. It was recommended to me by a coworker. 

My mom text me and asked what we can eat and what she should eat. She wants to get back in shape. She's older so it's harder, which I don't have a reference point for. I don't think she's going to go keto for any extended period of time, but she may try for a bit. 

My boyfriend and I are beginning to look for apartments. We are both really excited to have a place of our own and start with empty cabinets, empty fridge and empty freezer. We can start without having to clear out everything that we don't want. This also means we will have our own kitchen gadgets. So much to look forward to. Now to try and get more sleep.