Days 8 & 9

So right now I am absolutely exhausted. I don't sleep well when I'm house sitting. Every sound sounds like something creepy and then I just can't sleep, regardless of whether or not there's a Disney movie on. Well, maybe I should say I sleep, but it's fitful.

Yesterday went pretty well. I had my leftover lamb for breakfast. I took a can of tuna and some avocado for lunch. My snacks were macadamia nuts and hardboiled eggs. Felt nauseous every now and then, but usually having something to snack on helped.

Last night I was really hungry, but didn't feel like a meal. So I ended up finishing the brie I bought. Cheese is amazing. I love cheese. It probably wasn't the greatest idea, but considering it's the only thing I consumed for dinner and it's keto, I'll let it go. I did cook my filets during this time. I also had my cocktail of pomegranate vinegar and sparkling water. It's amazing how quickly I feel better after having some of that.

Last night I also cooked up some mushrooms and spinach in ghee. I added some garlic and salt and that's about it. This morning for breakfast I had a filet with mushrooms. I couldn't stomach trying bulletproof coffee with the coffee in my parent's house, so I did bulletproof tea. It was INCREDIBLE!! 

I forgot to take a photo, but I brewed two English Breakfast tea bags in almost 2 cups of water. Then I added the butter and coconut oil with some vanilla. Whizzed it all together like normal and it was so delicious. Now I'm looking forward to trying it with other teas. I did get hungrier earlier for my mid-morning snack of macadamias, but I think this partially has to do with my shifts being earlier on the weekend then they are during the week.

Lunch was my other piece of filet mignon with spinach and mushrooms. Afternoon snack was two hard boiled eggs. I was wiped after work and didn't want to go shopping, but I did. We needed food for tomorrow and getting lazy is usually when slip ups start happening for me.

I went to Costco because it's more cost effective on a lot of items if you're a couple. I don't know that I would shop there if it was just me. I bought eggs, spinach, salmon, some supplements and keto snacks. The salmon was fantastic as it was ready to get put in the oven. Came with pesto butter and all.

I came home. I didn't want to cook. I know all of us complain about not having enough time, but the truth is if we don't make a little time then it won't happen. I preheated the oven and while that was happening I started cooking riced cauliflower. Nothing fancy, just some ghee, garlic and seasonings. Put the salmon in the oven when it need to go and then cooked spinach in ghee with garlic and some salt.

By the time the salmon was done, I had cleaned the kitchen and made our veggies. It's not that I wanted to do any of this, but, as the 2 Keto Dudes said on the episode I listened to today, "it's an investment in your health". It's now time to pass out.