Day 7

  Well, it’s the end of week one and I’m feeling pretty great. I just finished dinner. I know some people say and perhaps some studies say you shouldn’t eat after 8pm. My schedule doesn’t really allow me to eat before 8pm on most workdays.  

  I just read a blog post from Jillian Michaels saying that it’s a myth that you need to eat before 8pm ( She says it matters what you eat and that the danger is over eating. Luckily, with keto I am satiated much faster. 

  I bought some “treats” to celebrate my first week on keto and a week at my new job. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to celebrate with my boyfriend as I’m house sitting. My “treats” were lamb loin and filet mignon.  

  The other “problem” with house sitting is not having everything where I’m used to it being. Made bulletproof coffee, but I think it’s old coffee so didn’t taste as good. Will try it with newer coffee tomorrow.

  I haven’t craved sugar and carbs this week. The beef mini tacos I was making at the demo station today didn’t even phase me. Neither did the sugar cookies or the little chocolate chip cookies. I was really surprised by this. 

  I did get a craving for one thing today. Lamb. It just sounded really delicious. So I bought some because it’s keto. I grilled it, used a meat thermometer to make sure it was right temperature and added spinach cooked in ghee with garlic salt. Delicious.  

  The filets will be saved for tomorrow night or to take to work the next day. To make my dinner seem even fancier, I put my sparkling water in a wine glass. I’ll be making my cocktail of pomegranate vinegar and sparkling water.  

   My sore throat is basically gone and I’m a little congested. It’s pretty impressive with some pomegranate or apple cider vinegar can do to make you feel better. It has far less carbs than Emergen-C. Also taking my Vitamin C pills that have a few carbs, but waste not want not. I’m going to head to a supplement shop and see if I can find an option with less carbs. 

  Dinner was delicious. The food I’ve gotten to eat this last week is delicious. Yummy.