Day 33: False Hunger & Cravings

  I said this in an earlier post, but I used to be a sugar fiend. Most anything with sugar, I would eat it. I was really worried about craving sweets and carbs. I was worried that this would be a major issue for me. This didn't turn out to be the case. The "carb flu" did hit me, but I don't remember craving carbs or sugar in the beginning. Just verified this with boyfriend, who said I never mentioned it.

  He's also saying that he thought he would have cravings and he hasn't. We don't really miss any food. Sure, we have replacements, but honestly they seem to taste so much better than "regular" food. I think that Fathead Pizza tastes better than any other pizza. It's more filling. I don't feel the need to keep eating and eating. That's the problem with "normal" food. You can't tell when you're hungry and when you're not. You just keep eating.

  So, they say that your hunger goes away. I've mentioned this before. I'm still waiting for it to die down. I think I'm actually being able to read false hunger. We had a really large breakfast and I was stuffed. This probably means we ate a little too much. Around noon I got hungry, but I didn't feel hungry. I tried drinking some electrolyte water, but that didn't help. I ended up eating some salami with cheese.

  It's hard to focus when I can't get rid of the "hunger". I'm going to keep working on recognizing these signals and make sure that I try and listen and establish what I need. Sometimes I need protein. Sometimes I need fat. As the days go on, it's easier to recognize which I need. We found a low carb protein shake that helps us hit protein macros and it definitely helps with hunger. 

  Right now both of us "feel" hungry, but we know we're not actually. We're fairly sure that we aren't really, but this is when we normally eat so we "feel" hungry. We've eaten plenty today. I am fairly certain that I hit all my macros. In fact, I had more fat. Nothing wrong with that. My boyfriend is still struggling with his, but he doesn't feel deprived or hungry. I wish I didn't feel so hungry.

  I think that as we move forward, I'll be able to recognize and figure it out more easily. I do take supplements, but I have to eat with them. I don't mean I'm trained to eat with them. I mean that I will throw up if I do not take supplements with food. This is ANY supplement. It's not that some are easier to take than others. Most make me sick to my stomach on an empty stomach.

  We tried the chia pudding I made last night. He had a matcha chia pudding and I had the chocolate one. It was pretty good. Not as thick as I thought it might be. The next set is sitting for longer so we will see how it goes. In addition to chia pudding, we also had some eggs. I think chia pudding may just be the answer for breakfast. It's super filling and has both fat and protein. 

  We can always increase the fat content by changing the milk we use. Currently, we used a mix of coconut and almond milk. My boyfriend is not a big coconut fan, so trying to find a good solution. Coconut cream has more fat. Same with full fat coconut milk. Or maybe we just eat some bacon in the morning. 

  The lunch we made last night was soooo good. I can't wait to have it for lunch tomorrow. This is certainly not a diet of depravation. Nor is it a diet. It's a lifestyle change. A very delicious one.