Day 32: Progress

  So, since I was house sitting, I wasn't able to get on the scale until today. I lost 1lb! So, since we started 32 days ago, I have lost 7lbs!! I'm super happy about this. I haven't done my measurements yet, but I will this coming Monday. My boyfriend has lost 19.6lbs since we started. (I always knew he'd lose faster than I did. It's also the difference between men & women).

  Since getting our smart scale, I have gone from 30.9% body fat to 30.2%. My boyfriend has gone from 27% to 25.9% body fat. I would say that we are definitely headed in the right direction. Time to recalculate macros. We are currently using My Fitness Pal to track everything. We have taken a look at a couple others, but we are happy with ease of use of My Fitness Pal.

  I have several non-scale victories (NSVs) that I am super happy about. Today, I was able to fit into a bra that was a cup size smaller! This is a huge victory for me. I still have a large chest, but this helps with shoulder and back pain. I am now starting to fit into my shirts that I felt uncomfortable in. In fact, I wore one to work today.

  I feel more alert overall. I don't have as much brain fog as I used to. My mood is greatly improved. I was happy before, but eating this way has made me feel happier overall. My boyfriend has a couple NSVs as well. His pants are fitting him better and he's almost ready to go down a hole on his watch. He's really looking forward to when he can wear his dad's ring again. Overall he's also in a better mood overall. 

  Tonight we are going to do some shopping to make some more foods to help us add fat to our diet. We are picking up things for fat bombs and chia pudding. He's not a big fan of coconut milk, but since it has more fat, he's going to give it a go. We have almond milk to use as well, so we will make some with that just in case. 

  Well we just spent most of our evening cooking and prepping meals for the rest of the week. Once we get to the weekend we can do more. We didn't really eat dinner since we were snacking as we cooked. All on Keto things of course! 

  We've been looking for ways to increase our fat intake and chia pudding is a good way to do that. I made three different kinds. We will see how it went in the morning. I did a pumpkin one, which I used pumpkin pie spice and added an extra 1/2 cup of my milk of choice + 1tsp of vanilla. My boyfriend loves matcha, so I made two of those; and from the same base recipe I also made a chocolate one. All these recipes I entered into My Fitness Pal so that I'll be able to accurately keep track of the macros. 

  For our lunch tomorrow and possibly dinner, we made Broccoli Bacon Cheddar Chicken. It's super high in protein and fat with almost no carbs! It looks incredible! Can't wait to try it tomorrow. We also cooked up cauliflower rice in the bacon fat left over! I love being able to cook and make things with my boyfriend. We work very well as a team. He did the dinner/lunch while I did the chia puddings and cleaned up. 

  You can absolutely do keto by yourself, but if you have a partner, it's so fantastic being able to share in the journey together. I only wish that we were going to bed earlier, but these are necessary things to set us up for success. Soon we will both have weekends off and can spend more time doing prep work during the day. I think we would both very much like to invest in an instant pot to have our food cooked for us while we are at work. 

As the 2 Keto Dudes say, "Keep calm and keto on."