Day 5

Well, day 5 has started like most other days. Today, however, I’m feeling a bit nauseous. It comes in waves, but I’m guessing this may be the onset of another of the “keto flu”. I haven’t added anything different into my diet. I have theories about why this might be. 

Since I had consumed so much sugar over the years prior to trying this way of living, I imagine that some of the "keto flu" symptoms will hit me a lot harder than they will my boyfriend. He was not a sugar fiend like me. I think he may get into ketosis faster since I would imagine that I have a lot more glucose stored in my body than he does his.

Today, breakfast was eggs cooked in bacon grease from the bacon we also ate. I had my bulletproof coffee on the way to work. I've lowered the the coconut oil from 2tbsps to 1. I'm considering looking for a non-coconut based MCT oil to add into the coffee. Partially for myself and partially for the fact that my boyfriend doesn't like coconut.

Snacks were macadamia nuts, bacon wrapped asparagus, a bite size brie and some chicken bouillon. Lunch was chorizo and an avocado. Tonight was a challenge. After work, I went to meet my boyfriend to go see Avengers Infinity War. 

I love popcorn and OMG when we walked into the theatre the smell of the butter was amazing. We had discussed bringing snacks to the theatre. He brought macadamia nuts, sparkling water and a salami and cheese tray for each of us. So thoughtful. 

The butter smell had made me really hungry, so I didn't really have as much control to not eat the salami and cheese right away. Hey, it's protein and fats with minimal carbs, so I don't feel so bad. The movie was amazing and neither of us ate the nuts. A good day overall.