Day 31: Macros

  Well, it has been 31 days. We wake up feeling more clear headed every day. The most difficult challenge has been the macros. We use the keto calculator to figure out the macros we need. Hitting them is something we work on every day. Some days we get really close. Other days we go over. 

  Protein is our biggest challenge. I know that it's not the main concern with keto, but I've been fairly athletic for most of my life and I would really rather not lose a whole bunch of muscle definition. We are getting ready to start working out again and we are both really looking forward to getting back to doing that. Then making sure we get enough is very important.

  Fat is still hard for me to contemplate sometimes. We've been told for so long that fat is bad and trying to reverse everything takes some time. I am not stressing out over going over on our fat macros, but we are still struggling to eat enough. Guess we need more bacon. I love cheese, but some of the research points to cheese being an issue with continued weight loss. So far it hasn't caused a problem. May do some research on best fat things to eat because we can overdo it on fat bombs.

  Today was pretty good day. 2 fried eggs for breakfast with my bulletproof Irish Breakfast Tea. Two electrolyte waters and plenty of sparkling water. My snacks were half a can of tuna with half an avocado each serving. Lunch was a salmon burger with mushrooms. Dinner was a delicious calamari steak with zucchini. This was followed by keto Matcha Mousse. All such good food. 

  Chia pudding seems to be a good alternative and for me it's really easy to snack at work. Things are a bit harder for my boyfriend, but he's working really hard on getting the right macros. I think, as I've said before, this will be a constant work in progress. The thing is, it doesn't seem like work. It seems delicious! Who doesn't want to try delicious food to hit your macros?!

  Just gotten news that some friends who are getting married are interested in keto and I look forward to chatting with them later this week. I only want people who are interested. While I am blogging about this pretty much every day, I do not believe in forcing people to try things if they don't want to. 

  I came to keto after advice and suggestions. A volunteer friend of mine told me about her success. She was inspirational. She suggested I try it. Then another volunteer said he did it. They gave me tons of things to research and read. They pointed me to podcasts. Then I made my choice. My boyfriend decided to do it with me. We believe that any lifestyle changes need to be approached together. Had he had any reservations, then we would've talked about it.

  Tomorrow I get to get on the scale to see how I did. I look forward to it. I see it as a way to get more information and not something to judge myself by. The only way to know how to adjust macros is to have the info. I have been looking into the Primal Health Coach certification and I hope to make a decision about it soon.