Day 30: Relax

  Today, I got to sleep in. My first day off in the last 29. This coming weekend will be my last working weekends. I will go down from three jobs to two. I may do some events here and there and I'll work from home, but I deserve this. 

  I had brunch today. It was fantastic. I was feeling like a keto version of Avocado Toast. So, I made one. I used a grass-fed burger as the base, put mashed avocado with garlic salt on top of that and a fried egg on top of it all. It was incredible. After that, I had my bulletproof tea. Today I used Irish Breakfast tea. I added 1 tablespoon of butter, with tablespoon of coconut oil and tablespoon of heavy cream. 

  I was doing some reading on the Ketogenic Forums and discovered that sometimes certain foods can stall you. I'm not worried about being in a stall, but it's interesting to see that bulletproof coffee made the list. I'll have to monitor that. I only ever have one a day so I don't think it will be an issue. I think the cheese might become an issue, so I'll find and alternate source of fat and try and have less cheese.

  Not worried about the cheese I ate because it's the option I had at the moment. Dinner was some bacon with turkey cutlets and mushrooms. I then cooked some salmon patties for lunch tomorrow. Lunch is set up and all I need to do is put it in my lunch box.

  I had my electrolyte water. Especially after I went and walked around a mall for 45 mins or so. It definitely made me feel better. I have my bottles for tomorrow. I also have sparking water for tomorrow. 

  I did relax mostly. I did some work on my computer, but I did catch up on some tv shows that I had been wanting to watch. I didn't nap, but I didn't feel like it. I pretty much sat all day, but it has been a long time since I did that. I did finally finish my friend's guest book from her baby shower that I set up. 

  Instead of an actual guest book, I made a scrapbook with wishes for baby in it and people put a polaroid of themselves in it. I just needed to do the final touches. It's only taken me 8 months or so. Better late than never! 

  Well, my boyfriend got to weigh in today, but I didn't since I didn't have access to our scale. That's ok, I will do it Wednesday morning. I will recalculate his macros for him. He lost more weight, which is fantastic. I look forward to seeing how I did this past week or so. I'm pretty sure that's all I have to update for today.