Day 28: GreySave Race To The Park

  So, I didn't quite finish about balance yesterday. I was crashing pretty hard and thoughts weren't coming clearly. Balance is how everything goes. Yesterday and today required a little different balance because I wasn't in charge of a meal each day. I did make sure to eat keto, but I don't have a good way of monitoring my macros.

  I'm ok with this. I know that I ate keto to the best of my abilities at these events. I am not going to make not being able to track a reason not to do things. The GreySave Race To The Park happens once a year. I helped run a Canine Carnival Booth called Bowling with Greyhounds. I love being able to volunteer with GreySave. I am one of the youngest members of their board. I do my best to help all I can. Having a schedule that allows me to volunteer whenever I can makes me so happy.

  Today was a busy day. I arrived around 10:10am and left at 1:15pm from the event. I was up around 7:30am and was delayed in getting to the event because I couldn't figure out the printer. Housesitting again. Not complaining, but frustrating when you're trying to get out the door. After volunteering, went to my boyfriend's work because he had been kind enough to find a piece of paper that I needed and I also needed to grab a tub from him. (Not to mention love getting to see him and hate being away from him).

  With the tub, I went to the apartment that I technically live in but am never there. (Long story). I packed up the kitchen with most of my stuff. I went through my books and got rid of the ones that I don't want or use any more. It feels good to go through things and get rid of them. I don't want to move into our new place with a bunch of things I don't need.

  GreySave had keto options today. I definitely got some interesting looks with my plate, photo below. I don't mind. If people want to judge it's usually because they don't have all the information. It's hard not to judge. We seem to be programmed to do it even if we try very hard not to. 

  After packing things up, I finally went and got my hair trimmed. The ends were really starting to bother me. So essentially, I had breakfast with bulletproof coffee, didn't eat until about 12:30pm. I had my electrolyte water to help, but I definitely started feeling hunger symptoms and the food helped. After that, had another electrolyte water. 

  I didn't snack again until I got back to my parents at 5:30pm. I was starting to flag, so I had a piece of brie (very small), an ounce of goat cheese and a small avocado. Lots of fat! Felt so much better! For dinner I had two turkey breast cutlets and made hamburgers for lunches for the next two days.

  Now it's to bed to get up early for work. Only 3 more shifts and then I'm down a job. I'm pretty excited about it.