Day 27: Balance

  Today was a great day. Today I had my first movie experience at my new office. That's right. They took us all to go see Solo. Don't worry, no spoilers here! They provided lunch and then we got to see the movie. Amazing!

  Now, please understand, had I needed to bring my own lunch, I would have had no problem with this. I don't expect the company I work for to cater to the dietary needs I have set for myself. That's just silly. Turns out the lunch had options which were keto friendly.

  There were grilled vegetables which were seasoned and had olive oil on them. Then there was chicken and tri tip. I went back for seconds on the meat. I was still hungry and it sounded delicious. I had breakfast and my bulletproof coffee on the way to work. My coffee I finished by 8:45am. 

  Usually, I have a snack around noon, but since we were leaving the office at 11:45am, I decided to wait for lunch at work. The event spanned over my normal lunch time as well. Then I simply wasn't hungry until it was time for dinner.

  Tonight was date night. Every 25th we go out and have dinner together. Please don't mistake, we don't just go out once a month; but, since are schedules are so different cooking at home tends to be the most convenient. 

  We decided to go to a steakhouse. While most of the appetizers weren't something keto, most of the entrees were. We both ended up ordering the same thing. Ribeye with sautéed mushrooms and steamed broccoli with garlic butter sauce. So good! Such a wonderful date night.

  Well, I'm crashing pretty hard, so I'm going to go to bed.