Day 26: Simplicity

  I really do maintain that Keto is as hard as you want it to be. We're still currently finishing the salmon and creamed spinach we made the other day. It's really fantastic when you make things ahead and it's just grab and go.

  Tomorrow I won't be taking a lunch because there's an event at work and I checked with one of the ladies who planned it and keto options will be there with the rest. Please understand, I would have no issue bringing food. I just wanted to check to see if it was something I need to do or not.

  I think my timings might get thrown off a little during the day, but that's ok. Tomorrow night we're most likely going out for dinner since that's what we've done every month on the date we had our first date back in January. Typically we go to In-N-Out since that was our first date and that's a possibility, but we are also thinking of trying new things.

  Korean BBQ and some seafood restaurants are on our list. Those are Keto friendly. We make sure that we order the things we can eat and we don't feel deprived by the things we can't. There's so much food to eat and try. We will never be lacking for new things to try.

  So, I'm obsessed with pumpkin and he's obsessed with matcha. I suggested that he try to use the keto chocolate mousse recipe to make keto matcha mousse. The first attempt went pretty well. Now it just needs some fine tuning and we will be good to go.

  Snacks today were chicken with avocado and a protein shake that has 3g net carb. Eggs and bacon for breakfast with a modified bulletproof coffee. I just did the coconut oil and the heavy cream today. Trying not to terribly go over on fat, but then again who can resist matcha mousse? I'm not going to stress over it.

  Tonight is going to be quite an early night, but that's a great thing. It's nice to be done so early. Have a great night folks! 

  P.S. Turns out I was 5g over protein goal, but 28g over fat macros goal.