Day 25: Planning

  It's the end of Day 25. We managed to get dinner cooked and eaten before 9pm. This is a rather big accomplishment. We did plan and organize lunch last night. It gave us several meals to work with for the week, which is always helpful.

  The only problem with the amount of planning is that when planning our meals we were going by what sounded delicious and not necessarily paying attention to our macros. Now, my boyfriend is having a big issue hitting most of his macros. Trust me, he's eating. He's trying. Keto is going to be a constant work in progress for us and that's ok.

  I think that's the struggle so many people have. We want things to be easy. There should be an easy way. Nothing is really ever easy consistently. All parts of life are this way. Some are easy, some are hard. With this being said, I did pretty well today. I had 14g net carbs. I went over 31g in fat and 17g in protein. My boyfriend had net 29g carb. 

  For clarification, we are trying to stay under 20g net carbs per day. (The max carbs we will be ok with is 50g net carbs). When I say net, I mean that we subtract the grams of fiber from the grams of carbs because we can't digest the fiber. We enter everything into My Fitness Pal (not sponsored by them) as it's one of the most recommended apps we've come across. It's extremely comprehensive. I highly recommend it. Not to mention that we can create recipes there and get the nutritional information, which allows for more creativity.

  We are eating a lot more fish and seafood at night. For us, as it seems to be for so many, eating enough fat isn't the problem. We are having an issue maintaining our protein balance. (Again, we use a keto calculator to figure out our macros.) Seafood for macros is fantastic if you need more protein, much of it has no fat and quite a lot of protein. 

  Our focus going forward is prepping out macro appropriate days. Things are going to need to be tweaked often, but if you're asking me to decide between the bacon or the swordfish, I'm going to be happy either way. The food we get to eat is so delicious. I have attached photos from today.

  As I've mentioned, we are getting to ready to find a place together. I can't wait for all the amazing kitchen gadgets we can get! According to the men on the 2 Keto Dudes podcast, the purchase of these pieces of equipment is an investment in your health. If you choose to make the healthy choices, then you will spend some money. The benefits to your body and your mind, however, are far greater than the expenses paid.