Day 24: Prep

  So, I was house sitting last night. This morning I made bulletproof tea out of English Breakfast tea. I used butter and some heavy cream. I forgot the coconut oil I had intended to use. Breakfast was some egg beaters with truffle salt and a piece of brie.

  Lunch was buffalo burger with the leftover bell pepper, mushroom and zucchini stir fry. After work, I picked up my boyfriend and we headed to Costco to stock up. We spent more than I was expecting and less than he was. For the price, however, we purchased about 23 servings of meat and fish for meals. This doesn't count the canned tuna and chicken that can be used either as a meal or snacks.

  There's also a restock of macadamia nuts and getting some veggies. We went with sweet bell peppers and cauliflower rice. I'm so excited to make so many things. Now comes the real bother. Prep. I did say that keto is only as hard as you want it to be. We've been picking a lot of things that are very easy to make.

  My current issue is that at the moment, I don't have days off. Thank goodness, this will change in about two weeks. I have no issue doing meal prep. I would prefer spending the weekend prepping for the week to come than having to feel scrambled each night. We are slowly getting better and better at this. We would both prefer not to eat late at night.

  End of next month, we will be moving into our own place. I am extremely excited to stock our fridge and have all our food there. By that time, we will both have weekends off together. We will be able to prep and get our weekly meals done ahead of time. I also think that one of our first purchases for our new apartment is going to be an instant pot.

  Breakfasts are relatively easy to make. Lunches we can do on the weekend, but having an instant pot to use during the week will be perfect. We can set it to have dinners to be ready when we are home and any leftovers we can have for lunches! Well, I'm crashing hard, so it's time to sleep.