Day 23: Next Steps

  Well, the end of another day and today was weigh in day. I lost 2lbs!! To me this huge because it’s shark week or my period. Think of it whatever way makes you most comfortable. My body fat hasn’t decreased much 30.9% to 30.5%. Now what’s really interesting is that my body water percentage went up. I was hoping I might see something like that. Why you might say? It’s actual proof that this happens during this time of the month. While it went up only 0.3% it’s proof. 

  Now I do want to point out that I am bloated. The difference, however, is that I don’t feel bloated. I said this to my boyfriend and he said it was the first time in this two week period (PMS & period) that I’ve said this. Now please don’t think he was complaining. He’s incredible. When he said it, it was a simple pointing out of a fact. (Trust me I’m well aware it’s one of my biggest complaints when it’s this time). 

   I’m not sure you can properly understand what it means to know you’re bloated but not to be feeling like you’re going to break a button or counting down the minutes until you can get into sweatpants. I’m not miserable. I’m not feeling miserable. I can’t even explain how nice that feels. Controlling my emotions at this time is difficult. Keto has made it easier. It’s still a struggle, but not such an exhausting one. Unless you know what I’m talking about, it’s truly hard to explain.

  To feel relatively normal during this time is huge. To get mildly annoyed then eat some fat (usually with protein) and feel better is wonderful. The balance gets more tricky, but being able to manage these symptoms with food and electrolytes is amazing. So, sure, you say well it’s only 2lbs, but my 2lbs and mood improvement. I’ll take it!

  My boyfriend also lost 2lbs. I think the dudes on 2 Keto dudes said that around this time a lot of people stall or have a pause. He’s happy because he’s still going down. He’s having a harder time actually hitting his macro goals. He’s simply not as hungry as I am. Not to mention he isn’t as able to get to snacks as readily as I can.

  My snacks are now mainly a serving of tuna or chicken with half an avocado. Helps make sure I hit my protein for the day and I’m obsessed with avocados. Today’s lunch was a bison burger with the leftover zoodles and Alfredo sauce. Dinner was two turkey cutlets with truffle salt. Yummy! Now to try and get some sleep.



Bison burger with zoodles Alfredo. 

Bison burger with zoodles Alfredo.