Day 22: Exhaustion

  So, I'm exhausted. Some naysayers might say this is because of keto. It's not. I haven't had a day off in over three weeks. I am simply stating facts. I'm doing what is necessary for this time. My new job is wonderful, but I didn't want to put all my eggs in one basket. I kept my other jobs so that I made sure I wasn't out of one should anything go wrong.

  I'm still exhausted. Yesterday I didn't actually have a full day of work, but I did volunteer from 9am-3pm, so comes pretty close. I did actually do two hours of work. An hour in store and an hour at home. 

  Today I was really groggy for most of the morning. Having some electrolyte water helped and eating helped. Spending 8 hours, well 7 really, on my feet hasn't helped much. I got home and my boyfriend asked what I wanted to eat. Nothing was sounding good and then I saw the bacon. I didn't manage to take my last break at work; and therefore, I didn't have my last snack.

  The dudes on the 2 Keto Dudes podcast talked about cream cheese and bacon and I thought who would do that?! And then I tried it. It's exactly what I wanted. So delicious. The minute I ate it. I could feel the change.

  While I'm still exhausted, eating those fats perked me up. I don't feel as physically tired as I was. I still am going to crash shortly and try and get a lot of rest. Keto has made my brain feel better. It has made me feel better. I look forward to when my body is fully fat converted. I have included a photo of the grocery shopping I did. Delicious keto food!