Day 4

So, depending on how well you know me, you’ll know I’m OBSESSED with pumpkin. Pumpkin anything. Yes, that includes pumpkin spice. I don’t care if it’s basic or not. 

I attempted to make a pumpkin spice bulletproof coffee. Didn’t go so well. The only difference is that I used pumpkin spice mix instead of cinnamon. Tasted good, but not the flavor I was looking for. I plan on trying to make this recipe work. 

I can lose both Peeps and pumpkin but I want to make sure that I can make one work. Not necessary but I’m curious. On further research, I found I can't wait to try some of these!

Tonight we are going to have a big seafood dinner. I’m trying not to eat as much before then. We had our baked avocado for breakfast as well as bulletproof coffee. Snack was macadamia nuts, a chicken bouillon cube (in hot water) and some cheese crisps. My lunch was mushrooms cooked in ghee with chorizo.

For the most part I'm still not getting hungry, however, my body has adjusted to my new schedule at work so I tend to feel hungry at the same times and if my stomach really starts growling, then I know I should eat something.

Tonight we went to an amazing seafood restaurant for dinner with friends. While I was slightly disappointed not to have crab cakes or calamari, what we did end up eating was incredible. My boyfriend and I split just about everything. We started with ceviche. We used forks and left the tortilla chips. I had the shrimp & scallops with sides of sautéed spinach and grilled zucchini. He had the filet with lobster tail. Yay butter sauce! I have included photos below.

The macadamia nuts and the bouillon cubes seem the best for getting rid of hunger and not feeling so tired throughout the day. I continue to feel less and less like snacking. I'm hoping that I will get to the point where I only need to eat the bigger meals and have a smaller dinner since I usually get home around 7:30-8pm and I don't want to eat too late.

So, far this week is going pretty well. I'm pretty exhausted when I get to the end of the day, but I do my best to sleep as much as I can.

Onwards to Day 5...