Day 21: GreySave Homecoming

  So today was a wonderful day. It was a challenging day, but overall wonderful. My brain decided to switch on at 6am, even though I was attempting to sleep in. Thanks keto brain! I mean I didn't really mind, but I did not want to be awake either. 

  I volunteer for GreySave whenever I can. My ex has our greyhound, but that hasn't stopped me from going and spending a Saturday with them whenever I can. Today was a homecoming. That happens when they bring up hounds from Mexico. The hounds are checked in, given baths, medical attention, food and their first experiences of retirement. 

  Normally, I am taking photos for the GreySave Instagram (greysave) and twitter (GreySaveOrg). I'm going to mention how awesome they are for a bit. GreySave takes in all dogs. Including ones who have received serious injuries. Their adoption fee doesn't even come close to covering medical expenses. This is part of the reason I give them my time.

  Now the hard part of this was the food. There's not really keto food at these events. So, I packed snacks. I took macadamia nuts, salami and cheese. It worked pretty well. I also took flavored electrolyte water too. These helped me get through the day. I then went to one of my other jobs and was there for an hour or so. 

  After that was swinging by my apartment, which I now call my storage unit as I'm there so rarely. I had to pick up some things and then I packed up the remainder of my things in the bathroom. My boyfriend and I have been looking for a place together as my lease is up end of next month. We are really excited to start the new chapter and to have our own keto space! 

  From there, I headed to the grocery store. Now, I hadn't really eaten much by this point. Going in there was a nightmare so to speak. I wasn't craving the pastries or the sugar. I wanted the meat and the cheese. It made it a little hard to focus on what I needed to get for food. I ended up grabbing carne asada and veggies for a stir fry. So good. 

  I also bought dinner for tomorrow night. Swordfish and scallops. The dinner from tonight gives us lunch tomorrow and since I go to work at the grocery store tomorrow, I can pick up things for Monday, etc. Keto is hard in some ways. He's rarely hungry. I always seem to be. Adjusting and getting the carb flu is no fun. 

  What is fun is the food, the way it makes you feel and feeling satisfied after every meal. Keto doesn't take that much time to prep if you don't want it to. You can do very simple or very complex. Want food to cook while you're at work? There are plenty of keto slow cooker or instant pot recipes. 

  Want less time on prep? Then make the same thing for a week. Have the same breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don't like the same thing all the time? Grab meats, fats and some green leafy veggies. Bell Peppers work well too. They do have some carbs, but I'm ok with those incidental carbs. Mushrooms work fantastic. Change up the meat and the veggie. It's pretty simple. Keto is only as complicated as you want it to be.