Day 20: Office Pizza Party

  Well today presented it's first challenge at work. My new job is amazing. Incredible. I love it to pieces. I am so thrilled with the change. Today was the going away lunch for two of the girls in the office. They ordered pizza to give us a party during lunch. One of my colleagues, who is in charge of the ordering, knew that I would probably bring my own lunch.

  I did this to be safe. I don't expect everyone else to adjust or to compensate for my dietary choices. If they want to order pizza, that's fine. I brought my own deconstructed pizza. My lunch was mushrooms with mozzarella cheese and salami. Delicious. I had my snacks and followed my eating patterns as usual. 

  It really wasn't a struggle for me to sit around people eating pizza. It smelled delicious, but I didn't want it. I wasn't craving it. Some of my coworkers apologized for eating in front of me. I told them not be silly. I don't expect them to change and cater to everything I need. I told them had zero issue with it.

  My boyfriend was feeling many carb flu symptoms today. Of course, he didn't listen. I did make him a pomegranate vinegar and lemon juice water to try and help with some of the symptoms. He wasn't feeling hungry, but I did encourage hm to eat. He didn't listen until I got home for dinner. He had the day off. I told him to rest, but he treats me like a queen.

  I came home to find that he had not only made dinner, but he had done our laundry as well. I really am spoiled rotten. For dinner we had shrimp and mushroom Alfredo with zoodles. So good. Today my macro balance was pretty good. I ate more fat and protein than required, and of that more fat. I'm not upset about this. I feel good. 

  So, here's a non-scale victory. For the last few weeks I've been waking up in a fog. They said brain fog was a thing that happened. The other day I dropped a coffee cup down the stairs. (Luckily, it was empty and closed). This morning I woke up and all cylinders were firing. The first time in almost three weeks where I haven't been super groggy and confused and slow to get going. I mean, I always take longer to get going, but it has felt more difficult up until today.

  It was fantastic feeling this way. I have continued having apple cider vinegar with sparkling water first thing and it has really helped. Making sure I eat in certain windows helps me as well. I still haven't experienced not feeling hungry. Not sure when or if that is coming. My boyfriend seems to not feel hungry quite often. Lucky him I suppose, but we are all different.

  I have been effected much earlier on with the carb flu than he has. My boyfriend seems to be getting effected now. We need to make sure that we take care of it properly. We both need more rest and are doing our best to get more. We both do our best to eat fats and hydrate with electrolytes. I have no doubt that we will be recovered soon and into ketosis.