Day 18: Mom's Salmon

  So, yesterday I planned out what I was going to eat (save for dinner) to try and get the right balance of macros. I really had to cut out a lot of things from before. Now that might sound like I didn't eat a lot and that's just not that true.

  Breakfast was two eggs with mushrooms. On my way to work I had my bulletproof coffee. To lower the fat in that, I only did one tablespoon of butter (usually 2) and one tablespoon of heavy cream. I know that Coconut Oil is very good for you, but the amount of fat it contains is causing my macros to get thrown off so I removed that. 

  My first snack was some canned chicken and half an avocado. Since protein was my main issue, the chicken is low in fat, but very high in protein. Lunch was leftover fathead pizza (2 slices). My second snack of the day was a can of tuna with the other half of the avocado. Not to mention quite a bit of my favorite seasoning, which is Everything But the Bagel from Trader Joe's. 

  For dinner we ended up making garlic butter salmon with yellow squash. Quite an easy dinner really. Made the sauce, sliced the squash and covered both salmon & squash in sauce and popped in oven. We are finding more and more ways of making quick meals. Now the next trick is to make more of them. I think we may look into an instant pot or a slow cooker to start making more meals at once. Not to mention, if we can get ingredients set at night we can throw them in and and have food once we get home. 

  So there's something special about this salmon. My mom caught it! It's really incredible to be able to cook something that my mom caught. It was delicious. With all the planning I was almost perfect on my macros! My goal for protein is 106g. I had 143g. My goal for fat is 95g and I ate 85g. We are aiming for 20g net carbs. I had 13g. I call today a very successful day.

  In case you're wondering, I stay very hydrated. I have two electrolyte waters per day (in the past few) and as much flavored sparkling water as I want. I love sparkling water. My work has several options for us and it's fantastic. I am concentrating on making sure I'm hydrated as well. We are taking the recommended supplements as well. 

  My carb flu symptoms have almost disappeared. It's great. Slowly getting more rest. Hopefully by the end of the month I won't be working 7 days a week straight. Well, now it's off to try and go to bed early.