Day 15: Mother's Day

  First of all, Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's out there. I am not a mother at the moment. I am only a pet mom for a fish. Namor is a great fish. I celebrated two moms today. I went to my mom's for breakfast. I didn't get up and going as quickly as I wanted. I'm having a hard time doing that. I would say that's mostly to do with not actually having a day off in the past two weeks vs anything to do with the ketogenic diet. 

  I think in some ways keto has helped me sustain this a bit better. I'm now reaching the point of exhaustion. I need to find a way to get a lot more sleep. Anyways, after getting up my boyfriend and I had breakfast. A little redundant to have breakfast before breakfast? Nah! I don't do well running on no food. I think it's a smarter way to go by eating first. I still had breakfast with my mom. Bacon & eggs both times! Plus this held me off, mostly, until my lunch break at work. 

  After work, we headed to see my boyfriend's mom. Now, we did give our mothers virtually the same gift, but customized for them specifically. It was a great hit. We both had custom chocolate bars designed for our moms of their dogs. This was done at Sweet! Candy Shop in Hollywood. (I've worked there since before the store was opened).

  My mom's dog is Hunter and her bar is milk chocolate, caramel, sea salt and toffee. My boyfriend's mom's dog is Cosmo and her bar is milk chocolate, caramel, sea salt and macadamia nuts. Each bar donates a portion to charity. Hunter's bar donates to the Cancer Research Institute. Cosmo's bar donates to A New Leash On Life. (These bars will soon be available to purchase via 

  The rest of the day went fairly smoothly.  I worked on the demo station again with serving the same thing. There were waffles and pancakes when I got in. Took those to the break room. I had none. For the majority of my shift and well into the evening and night, I had a terrible headache. I grabbed some pain killers and that helped. I was drinking water with electrolytes. I had a Propel. I probably am just not as hydrated as I need to be. 

  Nothing terribly exciting to report for today. Tomorrow is a weigh in day and we are going to use our new scale.