Day 14: Temptation to the Max

  So, today we actually got to sleep in. It was nice. We actually went to bed at a fairly decent hour as well, which was great too. We had our breakfast together and grabbed coffee to go. In about a month, my lease is up. We are starting to look at apartments together. It's not really a fun process, but it' fun to go do things together.

  After that, he had to head to work and I went to a supplement store. We needed to get a potassium supplement. I found one for a good price and grabbed it. From there, I headed to one of my jobs because I was supposed to pick up Mother's Day gifts. Well, those weren't ready like they were supposed to be. Long story, but I'm grabbing them in the morning.

  I started listening to the 2 Keto Dudes podcast called Femail. The two dudes invited some of the women from the community to answer questions women have. I am at the very beginning of the episode and the one thing that's sticking out is that women are being surprised and frustrated by the fact that their male partners are losing weight faster. 

  Sure, it's frustrating, but I expected this when my boyfriend and I started this. I expect him to lose more weight week per week than I do. This is, I believe, a scientifically proven thing with the way women and men work. It's not that it's not annoying, but it's not something worth getting too frustrated about. One of the things I need to do is adjust what I'm eating. 

  I know that it's a team thing that we are doing, but it's also individual. For me, as long as I'm feeling well and things are going in the right direction then I'm happy. I want my boyfriend to succeed. He's got a larger weight loss goal than I do. He'll probably get to it before I will and that's ok. 

  I'm excited to see what else they talk about on the rest of the episode. I do agree that's it's difficult for a man to give a perspective on a woman and vice versa. I'm still excited to see what else is brought up. 

  So, I walk into the grocery store I work in and I am scheduled to work two hours on demo. So far, managed temptation fine. I haven't give in. Haven't broken from the diet. Today was the hardest test I have had so far. We were serving apple crumble a la mode. In the back were chocolate chip cookies and a cake. This was so difficult and not difficult at the same time. 

  It was difficult not having a choice but to be around it. What wasn't difficult was resisting. I didn't want it. It smelled amazing. I didn't try any of it. In the past, as in two weeks ago, I would've continued to keep eating. This is huge progress for me. A giant non-scale victory. I do think that I may be a person that needs to eat more often than others, but to not want the sugar is huge.

  I had a sugar free electrolyte drink this morning in between running around. It made me feel better from the electrolytes and then I wasn't as hungry. I think I'll be adding one of those into my daily routine until I can get all the supplements down and remember to take them. Taking them usually is the biggest problem. I have to get in the routine of taking them and then I remember. Sometimes just rushing out the door and don't grab them at last minute. 

  I didn't fill nauseous at any point today. I think I'm starting to feel a little less hungry. I also seem to be feeling full faster or maybe it's that I'm starting to get satiated by the food I'm putting in my body. I know they say it can take 6-8 weeks to fully enter ketosis, but we've made it to the end of week 2 and I think little by little the change is going into effect.

  Lunch was the leftovers from dinner last night. Dinner was the spiralized carrots with goat cheese and kielbasa. It was sooooo good. Snacks were macadamia nuts and cheese wrapped in prosciutto and salami. All great food. 

  I would say today all in all for keto was a good day. My mouth didn't water with all the temptations I faced. I did get hungry, but I'm probably still in the mindset where my body "wants" carbs. I'm most likely going to look into nutrition and/or dietitian classes because I want to learn more and have discovered I have a passion for it.