Day 13

  Well, the end of another day. I have been recording my meals in My Fitness Pal. I've been mainly focusing on the macros. I keep going over in fat, but I'm hoping that won't affect things too much, but we will find out. 

  I am actually really excited for the fancy new scale. The number on it isn't the prime importance. For me, it's knowing my actual body composition. I want to know how much muscle I have. If I'm seeing weight gain, but showing muscle gain and body fat percentage not moving, I'll be happy.

  Sure, I have a goal weight. For any curious, it's 150lbs. That's 29lbs from where I am now. My body may tell me that that's not my ideal weight. It may be more than that. I highly doubt it's less. Last time I was around 150lbs, I couldn't get under. Works for me. Your body tells you what it needs to me.

  So, I didn't have my bouillon cube after lunch today. The sparkling water and the delicious lunch were enough. I think I had some more protein with lunch than I have been and that may have helped. Still was getting really hungry. Tried having water to ward it off. Didn't help.

  Today we went out and purchased some sugar free Propel. It has the electrolytes we aren't getting and I'm hoping it may help with the hunger. Tomorrow I should be going out and getting a potassium supplement. We looked at one today, but it had dextrose in it. I really don't need to be putting more sugar into my body.

  Speaking of we, there's something I need to say. My boyfriend is incredible. I get up around 6:30am during the week. I'm a slow mover in the morning, even if I tend to be more efficent. He doesn't ever start work before 9:30am. I have to be out the door by 7:50am at the latest. Every morning he gets up with me, makes sure there's coffee and makes me breakfast.

  I make him our morning bulletproof coffee and we sit and enjoy breakfast together. It's one of my favorite parts of the day. He knows he doesn't need to get up with me. I wouldn't be angry if he chose to sleep. I love sleep. 

  To have an actual partner to be a partner is incredible. I'm sure I'll repeat it often. I've never gone through a process like this with a significant other and had them support me in this way. Before it was generally hearing about everything I was doing wrong. How I needed to exercise. How I should eat this, not that. They weren't ever really a partner. They were judges. I never passed the test.

  I want my boyfriend to know he's loved and appreciated beyond what he can imagine. To have a teammate and a best friend to navigate this whole process with is fantastic. I wouldn't change it for anything else. 

  We ended up needing to go get a few groceries tonight. I grabbed him on my way back from work and we bought some pasta sauce, mushrooms, Propel and some snacks. We came home and started cooking. Sure, we're eating later than we would like, but we are spending time cooking together and it's giving us a couple meals. 

The meal tonight was incredible. We made an Alfredo sauce with mushrooms, garlic and ground beef. It reminded us of some of the hamburger helper dishes we used to have as kids. We put this on top of some spiralized carrots. The texture was different, but nothing bad. I personally think it would taste better zucchini noodles. We're going to try that next time and make them as close to egg noodle size as possible.

  I'm also excited because our Lodge cast iron pizza pan arrived today! We are getting ingredients for fathead pizza and going to make it either this weekend or during the week. Can't wait!

  Well, I would say today was pretty successful, but I'm hoping I can kick the hunger issues soon.