Keto Days 1 - 3

Finally signing on about the first few days of keto. The food we get to eat is delicious and it goes against everything we've been told we should eat. That has taken some adjustment and sometimes still seems strange, but I figure it will be a work in progress for a bit. Below, I will post some examples of what we've made. 

As the days progress, it's getting easier and easier to recognize when I'm actually hungry and when I just want to eat. Normally, or on other diets, I'm starving for the first few days while trying to change things up. These first few days, I have been far less hungry than I typically am. I'm snacking less than I usually do.

I do have several rounds of exhaustion during the day. From my research and podcast that I listen to, the "keto flu" is common within the first few weeks (up to 6). I don't seem, yet, to have any of the other symptoms. I've listened and read about ways to combat this to help push me through this time. Eating more fats and salt. 

Some of my snacks have been macadamia nuts, bouillon cubes as broth and bacon. This morning, we tried an egg baked in an avocado with chorizo. It's delicious. So far I haven't really craved any sugar. This is HUGE. I almost always crave sugar and carbs and as of now that hasn't really happened. 

I've heard the urge to snack goes away and that a lot of people participate in intermittent fasting. I'm not necessarily looking to participate in that, but I'm hoping my snacking urge decreases as that is one of the major problems I tend to have. 

I did use a keto calculator to figure out my macro nutrients requirements. Some tweaking does need to be done on my part. If it's really true that I don't process fat as well as other people then I will need to adjust that. Of course, going back through my two DNA reports, I'm having a hard time finding where I saw this. 

I have done both 23 and Me as well as Vitagene. (I am not sponsored by either of them.) Vitagene says that I should process carbs normally and would benefit from a low fat diet. This doesn't mean I won't do well on keto; but, it may mean that I need to watch my macros more consistently than some others.

I spend my drive to and from work listening to the 2 Keto Dudes podcast. I'm catching up and highly recommend the show to anyone who is curious. (Once again, not sponsored or anything by the podcast or the guys who put it on).

The bloating that I've been having at the end of the night is going down slowly. I'm not feeling like I'm breaking out in hives as I felt I was doing sometimes when eating carbs and sugar. There's no immediate bloating when eating anything on this diet. This was starting to happen with all things sugar.

Both my boyfriend and I are very excited to be embarking on this journey. We look forward to seeing what this change brings and how we change. Stay tuned for more posts...