Days 151 - 156: Ketoing On

Whoops, didn’t quite realize it had been almost a week since my last post. This is going to be a bit of a broad stroke as I don’t remember too many specifics lol. I snapped a picture of the breakfast frittata that we eat every morning. Never gets tiring.

I bought Star Wars molds to make Bogey his own treats since he’s got allergies and it’s much easier to make them. Plus I quite miss baking and now I can do more of it for my wonderful dog! I have also made him frozen treats as well.

Last Friday, we went to celebrate at one of our favorite restaurants. My boyfriend had his last day at his old job and on Monday he started at the same company that I am at. Such delicious food. I’m sad that I didn’t grab more photos of the food.

We took Bogey to the vet Saturday morning because he had some spots on his face as well as something swollen in between his paws. Turns out our boy has allergies. He was such a good boy when he got his shot. Later on Saturday, we had a skating lesson and had a great time. For lunch my boyfriend made us, barbecue bacon cheeseburgers. They were delicious. He found a barbecue sauce that was low carb and low sugar. It was delicious.

We tried a new ice cream brand, Enlightened. It was good. It’s not as keto or as good as Rebel Creamery, but good. The flavors don’t taste exactly like what they say, but they are still delicious. Sunday I baked the dog treats. Three ingredients: pumpkin, oats and peanut butter. I made them in molds, so they were thicker, which meant they took a lot longer to bake.

That’s ok. They don’t need to be rushed. Sunday night we had snacks of shrimp cocktail and cheese. Maybe an odd pairing, but it was delicious. Yesterday was his first day at his new job. So far so good! We had hamburgers to take to work. Last night, we made a fathead pizza to take as our lunch for the next few days.

Today was another good day. Very busy. Have packed more pre-made things like protein bars and such just to make it slightly easier. We will plan our food better next week and have a bit healthier of snacks. I gained almost two pounds this last week. That’s ok. It’s the week before my period and almost a pound of that was muscle mass. I’m ok with that. I ate a lot more protein bars than normal and we did eat quite a bit of ice cream. Perhaps the increase in processed food caused a problem.

Going to keep calm and keto on.