Day 170: Unhappy Tummy

Well folks, today was a super busy day at work. Always good, especially when you are doing overtime! I really do enjoy my job and look forward to work almost every day. Although, I wasn’t super happy when I had a bout of nausea today. At some points, I was pretty certain I was going to be sick. Not fun.

Now, some people will be thinking a word that starts with P. That is not the case. My guess would be that since we’ve consumed quite a bit of ice cream in the past view days that this is due to the sugar substitutes. This has happened a few times in the last month and if I’m remembering correctly, it’s after having ice cream.

Today I didn’t eat anything after my breakfast. I thought maybe the hard boiled eggs that I brought might make me feel better, but one look at them and my stomach said no. I did drink a lot of water. Currently I’m sipping on some chicken broth. It’s helping.

Tonight is going to be an earlier night. Both of us need it.