It's Now Day 169....

I’m not really sure where the time went. I swear it was only a few days ago that I made my last post. The time has flown by. This week I gained a pound. Last week I had dropped a pound or two. I think the main difference is how much processed food I seem to be eating. It seems to effect me far more than it does my boyfriend.

He enjoys having protein shakes and exercise bars (for lack of better term). Those seem to make me retain the weight more than normal. We’ve been wanting sweet things more than we normally do and have ended up with more keto friendly ice cream in the house than normal. Rebel Creamery is by far the “best” for keto, but Halo Top has more flavor variety.

We have started doing salads for lunch as our work has a vegan cafeteria where they provide us with lunch each day. Pretty spectacular right?! We don’t eat most of what’s provided, but we hit up the salad bar every day. We bring our own meat and cheese to add to the mix. We do not eat in the cafeteria as we figured that’s probably not polite! The only thing missing from work now that we really want is doggy day care!

We’ve been cooking less since our lunches are basically provided at work for us. (This also saves a bit of money!) We need to plan a bit better on the weekends, but we are staying keto the whole time. We haven’t felt fantastic the last two weekends, so we’ve done a lot of resting. With flu season coming up, it’s best to be prepared!

That’s all I’ve really got! Keep calm and keto on folks.