Day 279: Be Prepared

This past week I feel as though I have been hungrier than I have normally. I think I’m not eating as much as I need to. I’m working on adding in not only fat, but more keto food. Luckily, our work has avocados that we can eat. I have been adding a whole avocado to my lunches. I love avocados!

My husband takes salami and cheese, but I’ve been having an upset stomach quite often. I’m wondering if perhaps it’s too much dairy. I’m trying to cut back a little on dairy. I love cheese. It’s going to be difficult. It’s not going to stop me from making keto ice cream however! I just ordered the guar gum needed as the last ingredient!

We are still eating the recipes that we picked out last weekend. The three recipes were Creamy Enchilada Soup, Taco Stuffed Peppers and Bacon Chicken Alfredo. The Creamy Enchilada Soup was phenomenal! Adding in an avocado made it even more delicious. My husband and I don’t like very spicy food, so I left out the jalapeños. I’m still not having luck getting the cream cheese to break up completely. Next time I am going to try cutting it into very small chunks. It was really quite impressive seeing the chicken just shred apart after being in the Instant Pot.

We are still currently cooking our way through The “I Love My Instant Pot” Keto Diet Recipe Book. I’m looking forward to trying more of the desserts now that I have more of the little gadgets to use. The one thing I’m having difficultly finding is the 4in loaf pans needed to do meatloaf and the like. I’m sure I’ll track one down eventually. With the smaller pot we do have to do batches, but doesn’t matter. The recipe tastes the same regardless.

The Bacon Chicken Alfredo was outstanding! I definitely want to use that recipe again. The recipe says four servings, but I decided to make it two, keeping the chicken breast whole even though it was butterflied. I baked the bacon in the oven as we do for the frittata and just broke them apart into the Tupperware directly. I added 3 pieces of bacon for each of us. I needed to let the sauce simmer for longer to let the parmesan cheese break apart more. Regardless, it tasted phenomenal.

We just made the Taco Stuffed Peppers on Saturday and have them to start the week. I cooked the meat ahead of time; and then, cut and stuffed the peppers at a different time. The onion I had picked out was bad and I didn’t see it when purchased. Needless to say, I did not use it. I added the whole can of the diced tomatoes and chilies. I don’t like wasting food and there’s no knowing if a recipe we pick for the next week will have those ingredients, so better to use it up! I mixed cayenne and paprika instead of chili powder.

The dish is a little spicy, but nothing unbearable. It has a nice kick. Sadly, my sour cream had expired, so I didn’t have that to use. It was incredible to see how soft the Instant Pot made the bell peppers. I look forward to adding an avocado to the mix tomorrow!

Such delicious recipes. I can’t wait to try more and then move onto the next cookbook! Keep calm and keto on folks!

Day 272: Catching Back Up

Well, got behind schedule in posting weekly. Let’s try and catch up! We’ve been having a lot of ice cream at night. Not totally keto, but also not too far off. To make us have a more keto dessert, not only do I have the keto dessert recipe book, but I bought Carrie Brown’s The Keto Ice Cream Scoop. I’m super excited to make all the recipes and give them a try!

We had some super delicious recipes this past week and haven’t finished eating all of them yet. The Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole was a huge hit with my husband. It was especially delicious when combined with the Cauliflower Mash from the Bacon & Butter: The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Cookbook. I wanted to use the one from The “I Love My Instant Pot” Keto Diet Recipe Book, but we didn’t have a steamer pot for the Instant Pot. I just ordered one however!

His second favorite from the week was the Salisbury Steak in Mushroom Sauce. I may have forgot the mushrooms, but the sauce was still delicious. Instead of steak seasoning we used the 21 Seasoning Salute from Trader Joe’s instead. It was delicious. We love the 21 Seasoning Salute. It is great in most recipes. We aren’t big with some of the recommended seasonings. We use our favorite seasonings instead. I’ve gotten so much better at being more flexible with recipes.

We definitely discuss the changes to recipes and pick them out together. I do most of the making of them, but really the Instant Pot does the work. We are still cooking through The “I Love My Instant Pot” Keto Diet Recipe Book. The other recipe we made for the last week is Spicy Bacon Cheeseburger Soup. We are not fans of jalepenos and we don’t like spicy food much. I did use the whole can of the diced tomatoes with chilies. I don’t like wasting food or having it sit in the fridge or freezer not knowing when it will get used.

The only exception to that are ingredients for dog treats. It’s very hard to find small jars of unsweetened applesauce and I don’t want to make every ingredient. I have canned pumpkin or sweet potato and apple sauce in the freezer to use on future recipes. Right now he has sweet potato in the dehydrator and I made Snickerdoodle treats for him.

The upcoming recipes for the week that need to be made are all from The “I Love My Instant Pot” Keto Diet Recipe Book. We decided on Creamy Enchilada Soup, Garlic Mashed Cauliflower, Bacon Chicken Alfredo, Taco Stuffed Peppers and Chocolate Mug Cake. I purchased the egg bites molds and steamer basket for the Instant Pot. I also bought ramekins to use to make the mug cakes and other recipes. I’m super excited for all the cooking to come!

Have a great week! Keep calm and keto on!

Day 260: Don't Fudge It

Welcome back my friends! We are back and ready to share the recipes from this week. While cooking does take up quite some time, it isn’t stressful to me. It maybe takes longer than I plan because I don’t always get things done in a succinct order. Not to mention, in the mix this time was also making some more dog treats.

Many of the recipes needed some modifications since we don’t have the large Instant Pot. There are 100% ways to make it work. I figured it out and so far it has all turned out great! I still need to order some of the accessories for the Instant Pot to use in the future. There are some recipes that I would love to try and we probably need them.

We are still cooking through The “I Love My Instant Pot” Keto Diet Recipe Book. The first recipe I made was actually dessert. Slow Cooker Peanut Butter Fudge. It’s super rich. We used high percentage chocolate. They recommended erythritol, but we had truvia. I don’t go out and buy another sugar if I already have one. Next time I think I’ll try and mix the ingredients a little bit more before cooking. Some of the sugar stuck to the bottom of the pot. It was easily scraped off with a spatula.

Next up was Garlic Butter Shrimp & Asparagus. We had a pound of shrimp still left. I added the entire bunch of asparagus because I didn’t want to waste it. I thought I needed cauliflower rice for some reason, but I didn’t. I had defrosted it, so I threw it in. I always add way more garlic than the recipe calls for since we love garlic. Having a recipe base strangely makes it easier to adjust to what we like.

To be honest, if there are ingredients I forget or don’t want to use, I don’t stress. This recipe called to be cooked in a 7 cup glass bowl; well, that won’t fit in my Instant Pot. Instead, I added some chicken broth and made it a bit more soup like. We had it for lunch today. It was delicious. I prefer cooking the shrimp from frozen. It really doesn’t take any longer than cooking them fresh and you don’t need to worry about over cooking. I just referenced another recipe that used frozen shrimp to make sure I was doing things right.

After that, I moved onto the Chicken Bacon Chowder. Now, it’s bacon and I want to get the most bacon flavor I can! Instead of removing the bacon from the pot, I left it in. I wanted that flavor and the fat cooked into the soup. I didn’t get an onion because everything calls for half an onion. What do you do with the other half? Instant Pot cooking onions makes them soft and delicious, but I hate having left over onion.

I used the chicken thighs we had left over and cut those up. I bought frozen broccoli and cauliflower. I of course, used cauliflower rice instead. I love using cauliflower rice in recipes! I cooked the bacon, then added the cut chicken and the seasonings. I prefer cooking with the seasonings earlier rather than later. I feel it gives them more time to marinate in the food. Who knows if I’m right or not. That’s the great thing when cooking, it’s how you feel about it. I also added the entire thing of mushrooms that I bought instead of the recommended amount. We don’t buy veggies that often and I don’t want them to go to waste.

I cooked this recipe the way the recipe recommended. It’s getting taken for lunch tomorrow with the Butter Beef and Spinach, which somehow I didn’t get a photo of; but, I will try to remember to add one tomorrow. This recipe also called to be cooked inside a glass dish. Instead, I added some broth and just cooked it as they suggested it. Looks like it’s going to be great. I substituted minced garlic for garlic powder.

I’m excited to try the chowder and butter beef & spinach tomorrow. We’ve been try to eat a bit more during the day because we kept being starving at night. Eating more has been helping not being so hungry. We still have a dessert when we get home. It’s a nice way to end the day. I look forward to delicious meals and planning our next ones!

Tune in next week for more keto food!

Day 253: Settling Back In

This is the second week back to meal prep. It takes a bit to get settled back in, as we have been so lucky at work. I must admit I missed the cooking. Fair, I use the Instant Pot most often; but, it’s the whole process I miss, even if the Instant Pot is doing most of the work.

For anyone curious, we have the Instant Pot Duo Mini. It’s a 3qt. It’s the perfect size for 2. Sure, some recipes will need to be cooked in batches or modified slightly, but so what?! It really doesn’t take anytime at all. The trick is going to be finding some of those accessories to fit inside our pot, but I’m sure we can do it and none of them are a rush.

My husband and I like to rotate proteins or have multiple available in one week. (Just a quick note, I’m not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned. It’s just me letting you know what I’ve got & where I go!) W3 do like to go to Costco to stock up on meat. Whatever else we don’t eat that week goes in the freezer. For example, this past weekend we bought 2lbs of shrimp and almost 7lbs of ground beef. I still have two things of chicken in my freezer from last week.

With the giant thing of ground beef, I break it into 1lb segments and freeze in bags that way. If it’s a different amount in the bag, I label it with a sharpie. This week, we went with 4 different recipes from The “I Love My Instant Pot” Keto Diet Recipe Book: Garlic Chicken Soup, Cheesy Beef & Broccoli, Shrimp & Cauliflower Rice and Chocolate Chip Fat Bomb.

I was weighing in every week, out of curiosity and to monitor progress. I never let that number define me. It’s not who I am, but I like knowing which way the scale is headed. After not getting on the scale since November 20, 2018, I have lost 5lbs. I was pretty happy about that! I am now at 155lbs. Considering that a year ago, when my husband and I first started dating, I was 195lbs, I’ll say that’s quite a big improvement.

Now for some notes on the recipes. Note to self, with baking a garlic bulb, do make sure to scrape out the garlic when still warm. It didn’t turn out badly, but would have been more like a paste and easier to mix in. I had never baked a garlic bulb before and the instructions in the book were excellent. As I was baking the bacon at the same temperature, I used the oven for two things at once!

None of these recipes were particularly difficult. We accidentally bought chicken thighs with bones and skin instead of chicken breasts the other week. No big deal. It still worked just fine with the recipe. I’ll be perfectly honest, if the skin has any weird bumps or things, I will cut it off and throw it out. I have a super weird texture thing. My husband will eat the shrimp tails, I have to take them off. I’m sure some keto people wouldn’t agree with this, but there are some things I still can’t get used to.

With the Cheesy Beef & Broccoli, I added the extra broccoli that was left over because I didn’t want it to go bad. So instead of the 2 cups, it’s probably closer to 4. To compensate for that, I added extra beef broth, which ended up making it more soup like; but I’ve been craving soups, so that’s not a bad thing. The Shrimp & Cauliflower Rice called for a steamer. I don’t have one of those at the moment for my Instant Pot. Instead, i modified to go with the type of recipe we did when we did the Creamy Shrimp Scampi from a different book.

In this case, I added 1/2 an onion, which the recipe didn’t call for. I had 1/2 an onion from the soup recipe and didn’t want to waste the other half onion. I added the butter and sautéed the onion, then added the cauliflower rice. Instead of a cup of water, I added a cup of chicken broth. I then added the spices and then doubled the amount of asparagus. I added the shrimp to the pot (still frozen) and then set the timer for 2 minutes. Turned out perfectly! We ate that today and it was amazing. I’ll be making that with the remainder of the shrimp and asparagus.

Tonight, I did the Chocolate Chip Fat Bomb. I don’t have silicone cupcake molds. I do, however, have fun Star Wars and Batman molds. I added 3 chocolate chips into each part and then after it was all melted down, I used a tablespoon to fill up the molds. They are currently sitting in the freezer getting ready for later! Hubby doesn’t like coconut oil and these have a base of that, but in my opinion, you can’t taste it, so we will see how he feels about it.

We eat more at night than we used to. We still stick to the, “If you’re hungry, eat”. It’s more meat and cheese than an actual meal at night and we have been having dessert. Usually low carb ice cream. The brands we stick to are Halo Top, Rebel Creamery & Enlightened. We are going to order some Wink ice cream and try that out. Every store we’ve gone to find it at, it hasn’t been there. Turns out, it’s not in any of the ones near us.

We’ve added a glass of whiskey every now and then. We’ve had champagne on special occasions. We typically do not have wine, but we were never big wine drinkers to begin with. I think we are still planning on trying the recipe of making an IPA out of whiskey. That’s the one thing he really misses sometimes.

Well folks, I look forward to my delicious food this week. Hope your week goes well! Keep calm and keto on!

Day 247 & 248: 2019 Predictions & 2018 Reflections

In the first days of 2019, I wanted to reflect on the journey that keto has taken us through over the last 8 months. Combined, we have lost a total of 95lbs. 30lbs lost by me and 65lbs lost by my husband. Some of my weight was lost prior to starting. I got up to 195lbs. When I started keto I was 184.4lbs. At last weigh in I was 160lbs.

My health, in my opinion, is better. I’m not breaking out in hives. I still, on occasion, have stomach issues, but those aren’t nearly as prevalent as they used to be. I feel so much more clear minded and as though focusing on tasks is much easier.

Of course, having dropped the weight makes us happier. We did notice differences prior to all the weight being lost. Our moods were better. My autism and his depression are immensely better. Keto is not a cure all. We still have difficult days. In my opinion, though, keto helps me recognize what’s going on and makes it easier to overcome whatever it is going on at the time.

My plan to document each day of keto for the first year was a good one. That being said, however, now that it’s not a debate on how to start and what to eat or should we track…it’s not as useful to post everyday. So, my plan now, is to post photos of our recipes and link to the recipes or provide information on the books being used.

I think that keto can seem overwhelming with the wealth of recipes out there and the amazing cookbooks. I plan on cooking through my keto cookbooks and posting links to them. I use a combo of both online recipes and cookbooks.

I started our journey tracking everything and now we track almost nothing. For someone who likes to plan out everything, this is a huge change. It works now as I’ve come to it step by step. Everyone has to come to their own things in their own time.

While we are both lucky to have a work that provides us with lunch each day, it is carb fueled and much of it we can’t eat. I am super picky with lettuce and really can’t stand mix greens. With the romaine crisis, I haven’t been as keen to get salads. We are going back to meal prep and are both excited about it.

I think 2019 is going to be a great year for us both keto related and non-keto related. We are both right around where we want to be weight wise. I think we would both like to tone up a bit. The hardest thing is figuring out a gym. He’ll go. I kinda will go. I am curious about Burn 360, a program on our TV and may try that free trial.

The first meals I’ve made this year are Chicken and Cauliflower Rice Soup and Italian Chicken Thighs. Both these recipes came from the I Love My Instant Pot Keto Diet Recipe Book. The Instant Pot has been amazing with meal prep. It makes things so much easier. We accidentally bought chicken thighs instead of chicken breasts, so modifications to the original plan had to be made.

For New Years, I made a Keto Red Velvet Cake and Keto Eggnog. For Christmas, I made Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Rolls. I have attached images of all these delicious items. I’ve missed having baked goods. I was too afraid that I would want them all the time. I admit, it’s very exciting to have a piece of cake at night when we get home. I look forward to creating more delicious baked goods.

If you’re reading this, I hope that you have a wonderful 2019. If 2018 was rough for you, I hope this year is better. Happy New Year!

Day 197: Reflections

Well, time has escaped me again. We all have the best of intentions to accomplish things and they simply get away from us. So much has happened in almost a month. I’ve now lost about 23lbs. I’m about 11.5lbs from my “goal”weight. I’m very happy with how things are fitting and how I’m looking. I’m comfortable and that’s key.

The last five days have been trying. Wednesday night, November 7, there was a mass shooting at a bar 5 miles from my work. Now, while my boyfriend and I don’t go out, it’s still devastating. We are safe. We can see the bar on our drive to and from work each day. A co-worker of mine was invited to the bar, she didn’t go. She lost two friends in that shooting.

Thursday, November 8, the Woolsey and Hill Fires broke out in Ventura County. The Hill Fire at one point was directly behind our place of work. We were evacuated. It was the first time that has ever happened to me. It was scary. I have included photos of the fire below. I was grateful that my boyfriend and I were together during this time and knowing my pet was safe.

Several of my co-workers had to evacuate their houses. I don’t know if they all have their homes still. Friday we went back into work and worked a half day. It took us over an hour to get there and the same to get home. We found out at work that the fires had gotten worse and our main route to work was blocked off.

Friday night, November 9, it turns out that my friend Stacy passed away. She lost her battle to cancer. This hit me so much harder than I thought it would. I don’t mean to sound insensitive. Stacy was my best friend from high school’s, well on of her other best friends. I was never jealous as my best friend has room in her heart for everyone and I never once felt less important to her.

I’m surprised that I’m hit so hard since my interactions with her were limited to group events. Her kindness was boundless and she was such a bright light in this world. I rarely spoke to her outside of those gatherings other than commenting on photos on Facebook or Instagram. She left behind a wife and child. My heart goes out to them and her family.

Yesterday evening, our lovely bulldog somehow scratched his eye. I took him to the vet today. He needs antibiotic ointment on it for a week and then a recheck. I kept having difficulty not crying. I’m not ashamed. This has been an extremely trying several days. I made the choice with some advice from my love and my good friend to take care of myself.

I’ve been resting. Sometimes you need to do what your body is telling you. I was in the process of writing a post about how I haven’t gotten to things I have wanted to. In that process, I realized it doesn’t really matter. I didn’t want to complain. I was overwhelmed with all that had happened and wanted to deflect.

I am grateful to my bosses for their understanding. I’m feeling much better. I’ve been watching my passed out bulldog as well. He has been cuddled up by me all day. He has only now just gotten up realizing that his dad is home. I love my little family.

Day 170: Unhappy Tummy

Well folks, today was a super busy day at work. Always good, especially when you are doing overtime! I really do enjoy my job and look forward to work almost every day. Although, I wasn’t super happy when I had a bout of nausea today. At some points, I was pretty certain I was going to be sick. Not fun.

Now, some people will be thinking a word that starts with P. That is not the case. My guess would be that since we’ve consumed quite a bit of ice cream in the past view days that this is due to the sugar substitutes. This has happened a few times in the last month and if I’m remembering correctly, it’s after having ice cream.

Today I didn’t eat anything after my breakfast. I thought maybe the hard boiled eggs that I brought might make me feel better, but one look at them and my stomach said no. I did drink a lot of water. Currently I’m sipping on some chicken broth. It’s helping.

Tonight is going to be an earlier night. Both of us need it.

It's Now Day 169....

I’m not really sure where the time went. I swear it was only a few days ago that I made my last post. The time has flown by. This week I gained a pound. Last week I had dropped a pound or two. I think the main difference is how much processed food I seem to be eating. It seems to effect me far more than it does my boyfriend.

He enjoys having protein shakes and exercise bars (for lack of better term). Those seem to make me retain the weight more than normal. We’ve been wanting sweet things more than we normally do and have ended up with more keto friendly ice cream in the house than normal. Rebel Creamery is by far the “best” for keto, but Halo Top has more flavor variety.

We have started doing salads for lunch as our work has a vegan cafeteria where they provide us with lunch each day. Pretty spectacular right?! We don’t eat most of what’s provided, but we hit up the salad bar every day. We bring our own meat and cheese to add to the mix. We do not eat in the cafeteria as we figured that’s probably not polite! The only thing missing from work now that we really want is doggy day care!

We’ve been cooking less since our lunches are basically provided at work for us. (This also saves a bit of money!) We need to plan a bit better on the weekends, but we are staying keto the whole time. We haven’t felt fantastic the last two weekends, so we’ve done a lot of resting. With flu season coming up, it’s best to be prepared!

That’s all I’ve really got! Keep calm and keto on folks.

Days 151 - 156: Ketoing On

Whoops, didn’t quite realize it had been almost a week since my last post. This is going to be a bit of a broad stroke as I don’t remember too many specifics lol. I snapped a picture of the breakfast frittata that we eat every morning. Never gets tiring.

I bought Star Wars molds to make Bogey his own treats since he’s got allergies and it’s much easier to make them. Plus I quite miss baking and now I can do more of it for my wonderful dog! I have also made him frozen treats as well.

Last Friday, we went to celebrate at one of our favorite restaurants. My boyfriend had his last day at his old job and on Monday he started at the same company that I am at. Such delicious food. I’m sad that I didn’t grab more photos of the food.

We took Bogey to the vet Saturday morning because he had some spots on his face as well as something swollen in between his paws. Turns out our boy has allergies. He was such a good boy when he got his shot. Later on Saturday, we had a skating lesson and had a great time. For lunch my boyfriend made us, barbecue bacon cheeseburgers. They were delicious. He found a barbecue sauce that was low carb and low sugar. It was delicious.

We tried a new ice cream brand, Enlightened. It was good. It’s not as keto or as good as Rebel Creamery, but good. The flavors don’t taste exactly like what they say, but they are still delicious. Sunday I baked the dog treats. Three ingredients: pumpkin, oats and peanut butter. I made them in molds, so they were thicker, which meant they took a lot longer to bake.

That’s ok. They don’t need to be rushed. Sunday night we had snacks of shrimp cocktail and cheese. Maybe an odd pairing, but it was delicious. Yesterday was his first day at his new job. So far so good! We had hamburgers to take to work. Last night, we made a fathead pizza to take as our lunch for the next few days.

Today was another good day. Very busy. Have packed more pre-made things like protein bars and such just to make it slightly easier. We will plan our food better next week and have a bit healthier of snacks. I gained almost two pounds this last week. That’s ok. It’s the week before my period and almost a pound of that was muscle mass. I’m ok with that. I ate a lot more protein bars than normal and we did eat quite a bit of ice cream. Perhaps the increase in processed food caused a problem.

Going to keep calm and keto on.

Days 149 & 150: Dog Business

Well, getting ready in the morning seems to be getting easier and easier. I’m adjusting more and more to Bogey snoring. My wonderful boyfriend brought me home some stronger ear plugs and they have helped. I think after more adjustment I will be sound asleep through the night in no time.

The Easy Taco Dip is delicious! It’s a little spicy, but adding half or a whole avocado to it helps cut the heat. The Instant Pot, as I’ve said time and time again, is one of my new favorite things. In no time at all, I’ve made us meals for the week. Well, I didn’t do it, but I did prepare them!

Bogey has some food allergies as a bulldog. They typically don’t do well with wheat. His food is grain free. I love baking. So, I’m going to make his dog treats. Yesterday, I made one with yogurt, banana and peanut butter. They are frozen dog treats. I gave him one today and it seemed to go over well.

I ordered more silicone molds to make dog treats and they have arrived! Now to clean them. The next set is going to be baked dog treats made of oats, pumpkin and peanut butter. There are so many treats out there with bad ingredients, so I would rather make them and know what’s in them.

That’s all I really have to report over the last two days. Keep calm and keto on folks!

Days 144 - 148: Plan Ahead

Well, I’m still not feeling 100%. Our newest edition to our family, our dog, can snore like a freight train. I’ve never heard something so small make a sound so large. Ear plugs don’t really help super much, but they’re meant to lighten sound and not block it out. Bogey really can snore. I’m still adjusting. My boyfriend seems totally fine. A huge shoutout to my college friend Tom, who has had bulldogs and is there for advice that is helping with snoring!

We both get super excited by getting to bed early. I’m usually the delay fish in trying to get out the door or to bed. Right now, we are trying to adjust to what will be our schedule next week when he comes to work where I do! I’m super excited about that. We will carpool and be together most of the time. Some people that doesn’t work for, but we met working together so I’m confident there will be no issue.

Thursday & Friday nothing to really report. I think I finally snapped a photo of what the pepper steak looked like. Saturday we had another ice skating lesson. We were a little late due to traffic, but we had a great time. It’s going to be our thing. After that, it was heading back to take Humphrey “Bogey” Bogart to a vet check up.

There’s nothing wrong with him. We have pet insurance for him and they require that we take him to the vet for a check up within the first two weeks. I know some people don’t get pet insurance and that’s fine. For us it financially makes sense. He’s 1yo. At the time the insurance starts, he has no pre-existing conditions so that should a common bulldog problem arise later in life, we will be covered. Plus we get reimbursed for common things, like his yearly check up, flea medication and training classes. It’s a good choice.

Sunday was my best friend’s daughter’s first birthday. It was so much fun. It was a dapper day theme. We dressed as Sally and Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas. Great set up. Good people. A great afternoon. I’m not super sure that I got enough rest this weekend, but I will do my best.

We are getting up earlier to adjust to the schedule that will start next week. As I said, I’m the delay fish. I want time to adjust to make sure I can get up and out in time. I’m confident that I will be able get going and out on time. There are ways to get me moving. I just need to prepare things ahead of time. It’s not a terrible thing to do. It’s good for us.

Today was weigh in day. I lost 0.8lbs. That makes it a total of 19.5lbs In almost 5 months. I’m thrilled with that. I did my measurements as well. Since we started I’ve lost 3.5in on my bust, 2in on my waist, 1.5in on my stomach, 1.5in on my hips and 1in on my thighs. I’m happy with all that. It’s the most I’ve ever lost on my bust. Some ladies wouldn’t be happy about that, but I am thrilled. Having all that extra weight isn’t helpful.

My boyfriend lost 0.6lbs today. Since we started he has lost 49.6lbs. We are both hoping to hit 20lbs and 50lbs weight loss, respectively, in the next week. We haven’t done his measurements since we started, but I think we may do them soon. I am super curious to see how well he has done. I am also super proud of him for many reasons. Not many men would hear their girlfriend’s say, “I’m done with carbs and sugar” and say, “Ok, so what are we doing.” That’s what I have. I’m so lucky.

Last night and tonight we did have ice cream, but we haven’t had a whole lot of carbs during the day and my throat was hurting. We haven’t been doing it as often. I think we take advantage of the salad bar at work soon and have yummy salads most days. It’s pretty easy to add fat and protein to salads. Olive oil, cheese, meat, etc. It will be so much fun to have so much more time together!

Well, it’s time for rest & to get back up and to it tomorrow! Keep calm and keto on folks.

Days 142 & 143: Take Care of Yourself

So many of us work in offices where if one person gets sick it can often take down the office. I have been feeling a little off since the beginning of the week and I’ve woken up with a bit of a sore throat. Now, I’ve been taking precautions. I know some people say it’s a waste to take Vitamin C supplements. Sure, some of it isn’t used by my body, but if you take it everyday it does help a bit with prevention.

It’s not going to prevent me from getting really sick, but for me, it’s a small thing I can do to help myself. Another thing I firmly believe in taking is apple cider vinegar. No, it does not taste nice. It does, however, have a lot of health benefits. I like to mix it with sparkling water. To me it doesn’t taste so horrible that way and I’m not shooting it, so anything is really better than that.

Pomegranate vinegar is equally effective and slightly less better. Only slightly less. I immediately feel better after and having an extra dose or so while feeling this way. I don’t like being out sick and I’m pretty terrible at sitting and doing nothing.

I went to Challenge Camp both Monday and Tuesday, but not today. That’s mainly because it was Talk Like A Pirate Day and I was dressed up and moved my lunch around to participate. It was super fun and I love having a work environment that encourages this!

Last night we needed to make more food, so I had defrosted some beef stew meat and threw it into the Instant Pot with bell peppers, bone broth and some Worcestershire sauce. Some Glick’s seasoning was thrown in as well. Delicious! I really do love my Instant Pot. It makes things so easy when needing to whip something up quickly.

I need to work on getting some more rest. Hopefully I can crash out early tonight. I get home and I get so distracted from everything. Last time I tried writing a post it took me an hour and a half because I kept side-tracking myself.

Keep calm and keto on folks!

Day 141: Macro Managing

Well today was a scale today for us. I stayed the same. I’m good with that. Not terribly surprising considering last week was my period and we did eat out quite a lot over the weekend. I need to get better about taking my measurements to see if there are changes there as well. Those seem to go much slower for me.

My boyfriend lost 2.6lbs. That makes a grand total of 49lbs in 141 days! He’s about to hit 50lbs down! I’m down 17.2lbs in 141 days. There haven’t been that many significant drops for me. There were two, which were significant, but every little bit counts. I’ve gained weight twice as well. It has been a kiddie roller coaster, but not with the emotions.

For once there isn’t the beating myself up if I eat something extra or if I didn’t make it to the challenge camp at work. I’m just proud of myself and whatever progress I’m making. Slow and steady wins the race after all.

Need to cook another meal soon. Probably tomorrow night. Using up what we’ve got in the kitchen. It’s most likely going to be with beef and bell peppers. Want to make sure that the bell peppers don’t go bad! That’s the only bad habit we have every now and then is that we buy more veggies than we are going to eat.

There’s really nothing terribly exciting to report for today. I have attached my macros so you can get an estimate. I think the point that I wanted to make with them is that the most important one not to go over is my carb goal. Now, you do subtract fiber and sugar alcohols from carbs to get your net carbs, so sometimes they “look” higher than they actually are.

Protein I try and hit most of the time. I want to make sure I’m not losing muscle mass. Changing to a sedentary job does change things around, but I’m hoping to become more active. I keep saying that and one day, I’m sure it will happen. Fat I try and hit and don’t really stress if I’m going over.

Some days, I’m just not that hungry, so I eat what I feel like. Some days I feel like eating three meals and some extra. I do that too. It all balances out. Listening to my body and it’s hungry and full signals have become easier over this time period and I think those skills will just keep increasing.

Keep calm and keto on folks.

Days 135-140: Catching Up

Well, this week really got away from me on posts. My bad. I get home sometimes and all I want to do is relax. This was partially started as an accountability tool and partially as a way to help others who may become interested in starting. As far as accountability, I am doing well and haven’t strayed. No idea how many people this reaches, but even just one makes a difference.

I’m using the few photos I have to recreate this post for the last several days. If I bounce around, I do apologize. The beef curry that we made was excellent! We paired it with cauliflower rice and to get some extra fat, I ate it with an avocado one day for lunch.

Thursday I snagged a photo fo my lunch that day. I used sour cream for extra fat that day. Thursday night we needed to prep more food. He was fasting Friday and I did not. I made bell pepper “potato skins” I didn’t quite make them potato skin size, but left them cut in half. They were paired with an avocado and sour cream crema. I’m a huge fan of the crema. Not sure how my boyfriend will feel about it because I don’t know how much it tastes like sour cream.

So many people talk about all the amazing health benefits of keto. I have yet to see some of them. My nails always seem to break easily no matter what I do. Biotin as a supplement doesn’t seem to work. Only one thing I’ve one has worked. I also have “chicken skin”. Bumps that are red and seem to coat my arms and legs and shoulders. I was told that people grow out of them, but I haven’t seen that happen yet.

I’m part of an amazing group of ladies via a Facebook page, so I reached out to them to see their suggestions. One idea was more Omega 3. We have been eating less fish, so we can always try that. I thought I was getting a trial size of collagen to see how it does, but ended up with a whole tub! I think I’ll give that a go first!

Friday night we were in bed by 7:30pm. So nice. We did have to get up a bit earlier to run to the post office before heading to the dentist. I was just having a follow up visit and he was supposed to have cavities filled, but turns out they had already been done! From there we stopped by a local hockey store to check out some gear. Then it was on to Panda Express for lunch!

It is possible to eat out and be keto. I’m not 100% certain that the sauces were keto, but I’m ok with that. They tasted good and they didn’t make me feel bad, so I think we are good to go. After lunch it was off to our first ice skating lessons! We did a make up class prior to our actual class since we had the traffic debacle last time.

We both really enjoyed it. I had a bit of an easier time than he did, but it was a great workout. From there, we went to his mom’s to do our laundry. We greatly appreciate parents who let us do our laundry at their house and save us that money. It may not be a whole lot, but it does save us over time. While laundry was on, we got a bit peckish and decided to go out and run a couple of errands when the laundry was on.

We grabbed Chipotle for dinner. Saturday was definitely a feast day. We don’t ever deprive ourselves if we are feeling hungry. We eat. We make it keto and eat what we feel like. We try and mostly eat at home, but we do eat out. Chipotle and In-N-Out are usually the easy ones to go to. It’s really all about what we are in the mood for.

Today, we got up and had our bulletproof coffee (which is what I’m adding the collagen to btw). We were meeting up with a friend for lunch. Chipotle again. It was an early lunch, or well it was for us. It was at 12pm. It was a great lunch. Good to see my friend. Glad to have my boyfriend meet him finally.

From there it was on to a dog adoption event. We have been wanting a dog for quite some time. I volunteer for GreySave and we were thinking greyhound. My boyfriend has wanted a bulldog forever. I love dogs. We have talked about a variety of reasons for holding off on getting a dog, but in the end, that list is endless. We decided to go see this English Bulldog we saw online. He was everything we were hoping for. We took the plunge. We brought home a one-year old English Bulldog named Humphrey “Bogey” Bogart. The rest of today was basically about him.

Right now my boyfriend is preparing the frittata for the next few days. Bogey is trying very hard to get a taste.

I love this keto kind of life.

Day 134: Small Victories

Well, today was a weigh in day. I lost 1.4lbs in the last week. That’s super surprising to me as it was my PMS week and that’s not typical. I’m not complaining, just pleasantly surprised. That makes a total of 18.6lbs since we started just over 4 months ago. My boyfriend gained 0.4lbs this week, but is down a total of 46.6lbs since we started. It’s only the second time or so that he has gained weight since we started. There’s nothing wrong with that.

I think we need to celebrate some non-scale victories as well. I can’t remember the last time I felt bloated during PMS. It’s huge not to feel this way and feel like I don’t want to wear pants, which is totally not an option at work. (Yes, that’s a joke lol). My mood are much better controlled during PMS and I can more easily recognize that PMS is the cause of me getting annoyed.

I am now fitting into my “skinny” shirts. The shirts that were just too darn uncomfortable, but now fit comfortably. My boyfriend can now fit in shirts that were in this class as well. He showed me a photo of himself from the day before we started. The difference is remarkable. Our watches have gone down rungs and so have our belts.

We both took the Herb & Butter Pork Chops for lunch. The combination of olive oil, butter and ghee was delicious. The only “issue” with pork chops is that they are packed with protein and not as much fat. All that meant for me is that I got to eat a whole avocado today! I love avocados and they are an excellent source of healthy fat.

I think I’m going to try the beef curry tomorrow. May see if I have sour cream left as it does leave a kick in the back of the throat. Plus, while my boyfriend doesn’t think so, I’m quite a fan of sour cream. It will be interesting to see how that pans out.

We ordered a Soda Stream over the weekend. We have been trying to find ways to cut costs. Nothing is wrong, there is not a need, but we don’t like spending unnecessary money if we don’t have to. We figured out were spending about $45/month on electrolyte water and probably close to the same on sparkling water.

With the Soda Stream, we will be saving quite a bit of money and getting delicious sparking water at our fingertips! We have also ordered electrolyte drops to use in replacement of the electrolyte water. We were feeling a bit peckish during our tv watching and decided to have some cheese, salami and pepperoni. We eat when we feel like and when we don’t we don’t. We don’t deprive ourselves and enjoy the delicious food we can have.

Keep calm and keto on folks!

Days 130 - 133: Ketoing On

    Thursday and Friday weren't super exciting. Thursday we made another frittata to prepare breakfast for the next few days. Friday night we were super excited to be sitting in bed at 7:15pm. We are homebodies. We like being at home. We don't really go out much and we don't mind. Being keto makes it hard to be out sometimes. 

  We don't drink much, if at all, and several people in one group of friends do. They aren't bad people, but it's very hard being the sober ones. I think it's also hard for us to watch friends who we know could benefit by trying to be more healthy. It's not about doing keto or not. Everyone has to make that choice themselves, but we are concerned for their health and it's hard to not to say anything.

  Yesterday morning we were up early because I had to take my car in for a service. It is the first service I've had for my car and everything went great. After dropping my car off, we went to do errands. The first stop was Ralphs. We picked up ingredients we didn't need in bulk such as veggies and spices. From there, we went and filled up my boyfriend's car. Then we headed to Costco. Who knew that Costco on a Saturday morning was a breeze?! Hopefully that wasn't a fluke. 

  We didn't really do our time management very well in the morning. Our first hockey skating lesson was Saturday morning. Due to poor decisions and time management skills, we missed it. We did manage to get our membership cards and scheduled a make up for next weekend. From there we decided to head to get lunch at Chipotle and go to the book store. We each grabbed a book and he picked up a hockey magazine too.

  From there we headed to my mom's to do laundry. I ended up filling up the bird feeders and making sure mom's plants were watered as well. While doing laundry is not super fun, it's necessary. I'm glad it's done and we actually put it away! That makes it even more exciting. 

  We got home fairly late last night and decided to sleep in. We made it to around 9am this morning. We did relax in bed for quite some time. Our goals today were to put away laundry and meal prep. I would say that we succeed quite brilliantly. We are starting off the week on a good foot. 

  He made our breakfast and I made our lunches. We make a good team when it comes to getting things done. Our time management does need a little work, but when we have no rush and have the day, we get it all done. We've even divided up our food. I labeled up the pork chops this time so we know the weight. It will help with monitoring macros. I stick to them much more than he does, which is what works for us. 

  For our lunches we have Beef Curry with Cauliflower Rice and Herb & Butter Pork Chops. I'm looking forward to our lunches. We have fun choosing our recipes for the week. We basically do most everything together and we both like it that way. We've only really come close to an argument once and that was Saturday when we missed our skating lesson. We were both upset about missing it due to excitement. We both recognized we were being short with each other and apologized. Crisis averted. Plans to be places on time are now in place.

  We can't prevent getting annoyed, but we can do what we did and recognize it was the situation and not each other. We both made choices that made us late and we both accept that. I'm not going to waste time staying upset with him when I'm not actually upset with him. 

  We've done quite a lot of TV watching this weekend, but we get to relax and we've done quite a lot. I enjoy the time we get to spend together. Now for some more relaxing!

Day 129: Back in the (Exercise) Saddle

  Well today was my second day back to Challenge Camp at work during my lunch time. Of course, day two is running stairs. I want to let people know that you need to push yourself at your own pace. I have a co-worker who I think is wonderful, but she's super optimistic and thinks the word can't should be shunned. 

  I was frustrated because it's really hard breathing while working out now that I have this mouth guard. She said in through the nose and out through the mouth. I said I was trying that but it was hard. To which her response is just do it. I'm sorry, but you don't have this in your mouth, so you don't know the challenge. Sure, I can seem like a negative person, but it's not negativity. It's realism.

  I have a brace in my mouth. It makes it hard to breath while exercise. Yes, in through the nose out through the mouth is correct, but it's going to take some adjustment. Most of the folks did 4 sets of 12. I did 3 sets of 10. That's what I could handle. I hate cardio and people being all peppy and upbeat about it doesn't make me want to do it more.

  I took the feta-stuffed beef & lamb burger for lunch today. I think it's one of my new favorite recipes. I really want to try it with other cheese and maybe through some avocado on top. I love blue cheese, but my boyfriend's not a fan. That's ok. We will make his with a different cheese! Not to mention there are plenty of cheeses we both like.

  Right now in our freezer are pork chops, ground beef and beef stew meat. I have the feeling our recipes for this weekend and the following week will have those ingredients and I'm looking forward to the recipes we pick next.

  It may seem like I do more cooking, but that isn't super true. Our kitchen is a little compact so it's hard for us both to be in there. My boyfriend makes our bulletproof coffee every morning and back when we made breakfast every day, he would make that. He now is mainly in charge of our breakfast frittata. Came home today to smell bacon that had been cooked in the oven. Yummy.

  We both pick out our recipes and often I get started. I enjoy it. If I need help, I ask and he comes to help. I use the Instant Pot a lot so I don't actually really need help. The Instant Pot does all the work. We are very good at teamwork and I believe that neither of us feels that one of us does more than the other.

  Tonight when I got home, as he gets home before me, due to work being closer to home, we went outside and did a walk around the complex across from us. It's just over a mile. When we got back home we decided to do some exercises. I used a 30-day challenge app I have that mainly uses body weight. He does have a resistance band and weights if I want to use them. It felt good.

  After my shower, I feel relaxed and ready for cuddling. I really enjoy this keto kind of life.

Day 128: Walk the Walk

  We have decided to try and increase our walking. We want to get some more activity into our days. You have to make time and sometimes you don't feel like it, but it's good for you. Even just walking around the block helps with stress. Tonight we walked to the mall, around and then home. We did about 3 miles total. It was really nice and so nice just to spend the time together. 

  I went back to Challenge Camp at work today. It felt really nice. I think it really helps keep the stress down. To be perfectly honest, there's not a whole lot of stress at work, but sometimes there are difficult situations and it's nice to have a way to let off some steam while at work. Our plan to do 30 day challenges hasn't quite started yet, but I'm sure we will get to it. 

  I took the Sesame Pork & Green Beans to work. I may have put a little too much Tapatio in it, but it wasn't unbearable. Next time, I'll just stick to the one serving. I didn't eat everything that I had put on my food diary. Part of it was that I was feeling a bit off this morning and the other part was that I just wasn't hungry. I'm not going to force myself to eat if I'm not hungry. I'm doing my best to stay very hydrated and I have my green tea to help as well!

  I wanted to share an app that I use to help donate to GreySave. It's called Walk for A Dog by Woof Trax. You pick your shelter and then when you're out walking your pup or just out for a walk or jog or hike, you have it record your walk. It tracks your walk and registers it as help. You do need a certain number of people walking for donations to happen, but it's a super simple free way to help animals!

  Keep calm and keto on folks.


Day 127: Organize Time

  It has been super nice having a long weekend with my boyfriend. Today is our weigh in day. I was down 0.2lbs. Not a whole lot, but still heading in the direction I want, slowly! Drumroll please...he's now under 200lbs! This milestone he has been looking forward to for quite some time. I'm super proud of him!

  We are both trying to continue the journey to losing weight and getting healthy. We are hoping to add more exercise into our routine. We start our ice skating lessons this coming weekend! Or I should more accurately say, we both want to learn to play hockey; but, we first need to learn how to skate. 

  Today my mom came for lunch and requested that we make a fathead pizza. We showed her how to do it and then it was lunch time! She really enjoyed it. She was asking about cauliflower pizza crust, but we haven't tried making that yet. We do know that it's an option to get at several restaurants. I would like to try and make it at some point.

  We had to clean up a bit before my mom came. It wasn't just for her sake. We needed to put away laundry and clean up the apartment. It was something necessary and we would like to keep the apartment clean. We are trying to be better about getting everything put away.

  Today was also meal prep day. We made sesame pork and green beans and feta-stuffed burgers. I cooked the pork in the Instant Pot since I believe that it will be more accurate in cooking it through. The burgers were made from both ground beef and ground lamb. I'm excited to see how everything tastes. I'm usually not a big a big pork fan, but we both agreed to try new things.

  We ended up getting a new fish today. His name is Captain Cold aka Leonard Snart. He's a gorgeous mix of blue colors. I've done my best to set up the tank well and hopefully it works out! Now to rest up before work!

  Keep calm and keto on!

Days 124 - 126: Long Weekend

  Well, it's a long weekend. Can't remember the last time I've actually had one of those off. I'm lucky that my boyfriend has some vacation days to use. I'm happy that we can have a long weekend together. Friday he went grocery shopping for his grandmother. I came home after work and relaxed.

  Yesterday, I went into work for a few hours and then headed home. He had a dentist appointment. We ran to Petco & Petsmart to get some plants for our fish tank. We were very brave and had strong, as both places were having pet adoptions for both dogs and cats. We walked away from each place without a new pet. We did find some great plants for the fish tank. 

  We should hopefully be picking out a new fish tomorrow. We wanted to give the tank time to be set up and have the pH balance out and add plants to make it more homey. I'm looking forward to getting a new fish picked out and at home. 

  We then went to my parents to say hi to some family friends before going to meet my best friend from high school, her husband and their baby for dinner. Things are finally starting to settle down to find the point where we have time to go meet people for dinner and still have time on our weekends. I've missed seeing my friends and with the schedule I used to have I couldn't see them or my family very easily. I am so grateful to be at a job where it's now an option.

  We were home by 10:30pm and we got to sleep in this morning. Today has been a very relaxing day. We have been catching up on TV shows or more accurately, I have. My boyfriend has already seen most of these, but I am interested in them as well so he's wonderful and watching them again. We very rarely just do nothing. Sometimes it's really nice. Tomorrow will be a busy day.

  We had our coffee this morning and then decided to just wait until we got hungry, which was about an hour or so ago. We went to go get a poke salad. The food is delicious, but the lack of care and interest from the employees almost makes me not want to go there. It's an easy place to get to as it's down the street from our apartment. We walked over there. We came home and ate dinner and will be having dessert shortly.

  Tomorrow we need to do some meal prep and clean the apartment. My mom may drop by for lunch, which would be fun since she hasn't seen our apartment yet. We both badly want a pet, leaning more towards a dog. We still need to finish setting up the apartment and make sure that we can give a pet an excellent home. Now to get back to some relaxing.