In Support of Kelly Marie Tran

  I've just read about the verbal abuse and harassment Kelly Marie Tran had to go through. It saddens me deeply. She's a beautiful woman who is in one of my favorite franchises. We need more Roses in this world. We need more Kellys. We are all unique. We do not all need to look the same. No matter what we look like, there will always be people who think they know that we should "look better". No, we look perfect the way we are. We are own judge and jury. We are our own worst critics. We don't need anyone to else. (Yes, this paragraph is also in my keto post for tonight, but it's what prompted me to start this post).

  There are so many things I grew up hearing about how I looked. I wanted to play ice hockey, but I was told, "It will ruin your pretty face." I didn't care. I was the girl who was taller and bigger than all the other girls for years and years and years. They made fun of me constantly. I hated my body. I hated being curvy. I didn't want to be that way. I hated being me.

  It's taken decades to undo the damage the boys and girls and even some men and women did. You may ask, "So, who are you?" Well right now, I am a woman standing up for another woman. I'll probably never meet her and this post will probably never go viral, but I'm standing up with her. 

  I am referring to this instance specifically, or more specifically some of the circumstances that caused Kelly Marie Tran to remove herself from Instagram. Now, I'm going based off preliminary research. I, personally, didn't want to read all the mean and nasty things said about her and her character. Some of these men who criticize are criticizing a woman who lives in their world. She's a part of it.

  Some men (and I want to be clear than not all nerdy men are this way) are scared of women like Kelly. They're scared of women like me. We're nerds. We love the things they love and have an equal passion. In the right man, (or woman, whatever floats your boat) these traits are attractive. These traits bring out the best in both members of the couple. They share each other's passion.

  These men are clearly threatened by a woman of Kelly's caliber. Star Wars isn't yours. It doesn't belong to you. It belongs to the world. You aren't deciding what gets made next and you certainly won't decide to get rid of a character like Rose. 

I support you Kelly Marie Tran. I will continue to speak out for any woman, celebrity or otherwise that has to put up with this treatment. Whether or not this actually accomplishes anything doesn't matter. Hopefully more and more men and women will stand up.