The B Word...Buttons

Yes, Buttons. It really is a b word that needs to be talked about. I imagine the problem with buttons extends to many people: men with barrel shaped chests, women with large breasts, etc. I hate button ups. I hate cardigans. Yes, hate is a strong word. Replace it with highly, highly dislike if it makes you feel better.

Whatever word you use, however, it does not change the struggle that many of us have with a common everyday item...buttons. I went for an interview a month or so ago and I was terrified because I forgot to wear a tank top under a super cute, nerdy blouse I found. I realized that as I was sitting, the top was gaping in between my breasts. I looked everywhere for a safety pin or something to hold it together so I could make it through the interview.

The gaping was by far worse with how I was sitting in the car. Luckily, sitting up very straight in the interview, keeping my jacket on and angling the area gaping away from my interviewers, I am happy to say that I made it through just fine. Of course, several days later I go into my wallet looking for change and find safety pins. That is a facepalm moment if I’ve ever had one because apparently I didn’t look there.

Button ups can be cute. Button ups when they fit properly or if you have a tank top underneath, just in case, are great. When I gain weight, I do gain weight in my boobs almost every time. When this happens, the gaps between the buttons often get larger. This means it’s even more difficult to wear a button up.

Sure you can say, but what about wearing a bigger size? Well, the problem with that, is that a bigger size may fit my chest better, but it doesn’t fit everywhere else better. Often times, I look as though I have gained more weight than I actually have. 

This makes me equally uncomfortable. This is why I tend to live in t-shirts regardless of what size I am. T-shirts are comfortable. I like them all the time. I would, however, like to have more options should I need to dress up. 

It’s frustrating not to be able to find a button up shirt that fits. Cardigans I’m not terribly fussed by. I don’t like them much anyway.  But, like many people out there for many reasons, I have a hard time finding nicer clothes that fit.

Well, that's my rant on the B Word...stay tuned for the next Curvy Girl Complication