Wait?! It fits?! My discovery of custom swim suits.

  So, as I've switched to a ketogenic lifestyle (see my other blog on this site), I've started thinking about all the things I will be comfortable wearing again. I've been told over and over that I look good and it's fine. That doesn't make it fine for me. 

  I can't judge what makes it ok with you. You know what makes it ok with you. I think the problem of finding swim suits applies to all body types. I don't think this is a uniquely curvy girl issues. Sure, having boobs, hips and a butt causes some totally different issues, but I think everyone struggles to find that perfect suit.

  With the creation of Etsy, for me at least, this has made finding a swim suit easier. The problems I faced before were many fold. One pieces don't work well for me as of the size discrepancy between the top and bottom and the smallness of my waist. I have to have separates. There's no one size suit for me. 

  It's why I really don't enjoy seeing articles about bathing suits that fit every woman's body. Just stop already! We aren't built the same, stop telling us we need to dress the same! That one piece keyhole suit is going to look gorgeous on someone, but it's not for me. And that's ok. 

  I struggle significantly with one piece suits because while my hips and bust may be the same around, my waist is at minimum (depending on how in shape I am) 12 inches smaller than either of those measurements. It's just way easier to have separates. Now, I have owned one pieces. I used to have one for the times we went water skiing because ladies do you really want to worry about things coming undone? 

  If I'm not wearing a one piece at a water park, I have a t-shirt or rash guard on to prevent any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. I just don't like having to worry. If it wasn't clear, I am a rather nerdy girl. with the creation of Etsy, owning a custom, nerdy bikini became a dream come true.

  I own two bikinis, so far, from the same retailer on Etsy. She specializes in nerdy bikinis. I own a TARDIS and a Star Wars one. I love them. Makes me comfortable knowing they are made with my measurements in mind. To have confidence in a suit that has been made for me is an incredible feeling.  I really do love the beach and owning a suit that makes me feel good makes me want to go even more.

  Ladies, I suggest if you haven't tried this option, you should. Doesn't matter what size you are. You can be confident in knowing that the suit was made for you.