If The Shoe Fits....

    I figured that starting the New Year with a fun post was the best idea. I’m a curvy girl who doesn’t just have problems with finding clothes. Shoes have always been a challenge. I’m a size 10. My feet are wide and my calves are big. High heels and fancy shoes aren’t exactly made to fit feet like mine or other women who have big or wide feet. I’m sure there are challenges the other way, but I don’t have that experience to share.

    When I was little, I loved the styles of the 50s and 60s and still do. My aunt bought me a pair of pink and white saddle shoes. I never really got excited about getting shoes as gifts, still don’t, but I do remember going to try them on and they pinched my feet. Those shoes just sat in the bottom of my closet until I finally got rid of them.

 I can’t wear heels that have pointed toes, my feet are too wide at the end. I have trouble with most heels because they throw off my center of balance and I’m not so good at walking in them. (Yes, I know practice makes perfect, but I don’t feel a real desire to practice). I can’t wear boxy shoes because my feet are too wide. Forget gladiator style sandals or any zip up shoe meant to zip over my calves. I can’t wear any of those.

    I can balance in wedges and I can do most open-toed heels, but most of them become so uncomfortable that I can’t wear them for long periods of time. They really don’t make many comfortable and attractive shoes for women who wear larger sizes. There is a reason I tend to live in sneakers and also buy them from the men’s section.

    Perfect example of this, comes from this holiday season. My aunt (same aunt as mentioned above) purchased boots for me. Really beautiful boots from a nice department store. They were my size and even had the extended calf version. Go to try them on and they don’t fit. Not only is the size off (which happens and not a big deal), but I can’t zip the boots over my calf. The extended version doesn’t even make it over the bottom of my calf. Are we really sure they mean extended version? I would’ve thought I could get it part way zipped.

    This is pretty much the norm for anything that has to zip over my calf. I can also tell you, that hearing, “Wow, you have really big calves” form a coworker isn’t necessarily exactly what a girl wants to hear. Now, I’m not saying it was meant as flirting at all, but it’s still a strange comment to come out of nowhere. And it did come out of nowhere.

    Moral of the story is, no shoes that need to zip over my calves. Sometimes it’s not so fun, but one day I’m sure I’ll find pretty shoes in my size that fit well. (That is if I ever really want to wear them). For now, I’ll stick with sneakers.



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