Double Trouble

  Well, it's time for another amusing post. This post doesn't apply to all women with large chests, but it does apply to many of us. I'm sure some of the discomfort I describe will apply to many other women and perhaps some men. To those of you who don't understand this discomfort, be glad. It's not something I wish on anyone.

  I call this double trouble for a few reasons. First, well we have two breasts not one so twice the problems. Second, as I tend to be a DD or larger (depends on how much I weigh) it also causes double trouble quite literally.

  Now I loved playing sports growing up, but after the age of 12, I needed a really good sports bra. In college, I played volleyball. There were several occasions where I had to wear two sports bras to make sure I stayed comfortable. I didn't have to do this on a consistent basis, but it was a frequent occurrence.

  Jumping jacks are my nemesis when working out. The bouncing is awful. It's painful. I hate them. They hate me. Seems like a good reason not to do it. Running used to be a problem too, but since I have discovered excellent sports bras it's not such a problem. The sports bras, however, do not make it so that when I do jumping jacks that I'm less concerned that I'm not going to get knocked out by my own boobs. 

   There is a ride at my favorite theme park that I refuse to go on because of the amount of pain that it causes me. I literally have to sit on the ride with my arms across my chest so the bouncing doesn't feel like it's killing me. I pretty much refuse to go on that ride.  I have a friend who has no problem with this ride and she (before a reduction) was larger than I was. All the more power to her.

  Wearing a sports bra to work is so much easier most of the time. I feel like not only do I spend half the time pulling up my pants because my belt doesn't work properly, but I spend another good chunk of my time readjusting my boobs so they aren't falling out of my bra because of all the bending over.

  I'm sure some people are thinking I'm wearing the wrong bra size. That may be true, but even when wearing the proper size it's still a problem. Sports bras just make it so much easier. Plus, to be perfectly honestly, when I'm fluctuating in weight, I don't want to buy the bigger bra when I don't plan on staying in that size long. Ok, ok, I realize that this may not be the best way to go about things, but it's my choice. Works for me so far and saves me money on bras because those aren't cheap.

  I'm going to end with a body positivity quote because I think we can always use a good one.