Really, coach?

  In high school, I was an athlete. I played volleyball and then I swam. I wasn’t the best or the fastest. I played and competed because it’s what I loved to do. I am a highly competitive person, as people who know me are well aware. I don’t claim that this is a good thing all the time, but it is part of who I am.

  Quick side note, swimmers very often deck change. This is where you either wrap a towel around yourself or use your swim parka as cover and change into your suit on the deck of the pool. It seems to be the removing of the undies that is the most difficult in this whole transaction. I found underwear that snapped off at a store. Just two snaps, one on either side and frequently wore them when I knew I was swimming. My coach found these to be highly entertaining and ingenious.

  Our racing suits for swim team had images on them. Just FYI, if you’ve never had a racing suit to wear then let me enlighten you on a few things. Your racing suit is two to three sizes smaller than your normal suit. Yes, not super comfortable and can be a challenge getting on and off. Trust me. There were girls on the swim team who had larger chests than I do and they often they wore two suits to prevent the concern of popping out of their suit while swimming. Yes, this is an actual concern.

  I never experienced that concern, as I just managed to squeeze into my racing suit. During my time on the swim team a national tragedy occurred and in support of this tragedy, it was decided that the American Flag would be put on the chest of our racing suits and paw print (for our school mascot) would be put on one of the back sides of our suits.

  Please understand that this post is to talk about the hilarity of the placement of the graphics and not to make light of the tragedy that occurred. I was and still am proud that we put American flags on our suits.

  I wish I had a photo somewhere of me holding up my racing suit. If I did, you would notice that with the straps placed at my shoulders, the bottom of the suit would only fall a few inches below my belly button. This my seem like an exaggeration, but I assure you it’s not.  With my previous description of how small the suits were, it should come as no surprise that any graphic put onto the suit would be small as well. Well, as we are all well aware, when stretched, graphics grow. Instead of a little American flag in the center of the suit on mine, it turned into an image that stretched out to cover a large chunk of my chest. The tiny paw print spanned a good portion of my butt cheek.

  It was a rather amusing to sight to watch the other female swimmers all gear up and see the images stretch to what felt like mythic proportions on some. The size range of the flags and paw prints on the swimmers was rather comical.


Stay tuned for the next episode of Curvy Girl Complications...