Can't Sit or Corset?

  So, I took a bit of a hiatus. It was an accident. So here I am, back again. Here’s a fun story from high school. I’m not like some girls. I don’t look forward to getting dressed up and I don’t look forward to finding dresses. This was the same even back in high school. I did go to every formal we had, but I think I may have repeated dresses once or twice. When prom came around, I was going to go even if it meant finding a dress.

  My group of friends all met at the house of the father of one of the group. (Thank you to this father for opening his home to us and letting 10 teenagers spend the night.) Unfortunately, this post is more about the challenge in finding a dress than how much fun prom was. I don’t particularly remember much about shopping. I think we went to one of the stores that had a lot of inexpensive options because I don’t like to go to the fancy ones. This is mainly due to the fact that most items there do not fit me. It gets very discouraging to see a dress you like and over and over again it doesn’t fit.

  Eventually, I found a beautiful red dress that had spaghetti straps. Now, as women with large chests know, spaghetti straps aren’t always the smartest of decisions. This is for a plethora of reasons. Unfortunately, one of the main ones back then (and it’s slowly getting better) is because finding a strapless bra that doesn’t look like a monstrosity is rather challenging.

  I think I tried on several options, but finding one that held everything in the right place wasn’t easy. Finally, we settled on what was a contraption that stretched from the top of my chest down to my waist. It felt like a corset, but it didn’t use ties to cinch. It was a cage of a bra. It had boning down the front and sides and I felt like I was being suffocated if I sat the wrong way.

  I suppose the one benefit was that it forced me to stand up straight and my mother still “yells” at me about posture today.  (There will be a posture post at some point.) By the end of the night I was very ready to have that contraption removed. I remember the discomfort every time I moved and had one of the boning wires stick into my side. It was about as much fun as when underwire from a bra comes out and pokes you. So, not fun at all.

  So really, I couldn’t sit and felt like I was wearing a corset. Really, all things considered it wasn’t terribly fun to wear. It did not, however, dampen my enjoyment of prom and being with friends. Stay tuned for the next episode...