Disappearing Act

  So, this isn’t a problem specifically for curvy girls either, but I believe that it is specific to girls with big boobs.  Let me make this clear, I am a staunch supporter that we all should be accepting of our bodies how they are. I’m not advocating a curvy body over any other type of body. These posts are really me coming to terms with everything that I’ve gone through with my body.

  This particular problem I’ve dubbed as the “Disappearing Act”. I’m a nerdy girl. I love nerdy t-shirts. The only problem is that graphics and words tend to disappear into my cleavage. I’ll find a cute fandom or other nerdy shirt and try it on and next thing you know, half the graphic is on the underside of my boobs.

  This was most recently a problem when shopping for a large convention I worked in Orlando. I was ordering products from a geeky website that I love and saw a droid shirt of theirs. I ordered the shirt because I love the droid on it. It arrived and looked fantastic. Then I put it on. Everything from the droid’s eyes down were hidden into my boobs. Fantastic. Send that shirt back.

  This is not the fault of a manufacturer and I know I always take a risk when getting a new graphic shirt. If it’s a full graphic, like a movie poster, it’s usually fine because you can see enough; but, faces and words tend to disappear. It’s a struggle, but it sure doesn’t stop me from wearing them! If you’re curious to check out my t-shirt collection, I’ve been posting on Instagram a different shirt each day. Not sure I’ll have reach the end by the time this is posted or not, but check it out if it strikes your fancy.

New episode of Curvy Girl Complications coming soon...