Battle of the Jeans

  As many women know (curvy, skinny & otherwise), finding clothes can be a nightmare. Jeans are especially difficult for me. Skinny jeans about killed me when they came out. I spent years as a horseback rider and volleyball player. I have muscular legs, wide hips and a small waist.

Finding jeans has several problems that need to be overcome:

Step 1: Can the jeans fit over my thighs?

Step 2: If the jeans fit over my thighs, will they make it over my hips and butt?

Step 3: If the jeans fit over both 1 & 2, how big around my waist will they be?

  Jeggings are popular now and that’s exactly what skinny jeans look like on me. I can’t bend over or move in them. Jeans are an absolute nightmare to find one that exactly fits. None of them ever do. Belts don’t work that well on my body as the jeans still tend to slide down to the widest part of my hips.

  This is exactly why I end up getting my jeans at someplace that doesn’t break the bank. I wait until the sales are on and grab a pair and then I don’t worry about wasting money on jeans. As I work out, if my muscles get bigger, then there’s even more of a chance I can’t find jeans that fit. It's why I spend a lot of time in sweatpants and yoga pants. I decide to get in shape and then I have an even harder time finding clothes that fit. Hardly seems fair.

  I am sure some people are thinking how curvy can I really be? Friends of friends have told me I’m not. To settle the dispute, at the moment I measure a 44”, 31”, 44”. I have 25” thighs. So when I say jeans are a problem, you can see that my thighs and my waist are almost the same size and my hips are almost double my thighs. Not so easy.

  Then there's the fact, as I'm sure many women know well, that most jeans tend to flatten out your butt. There are plenty of women out there, myself included, who have a butt; but, when we put on a pair of jeans it's completely flattened out. Some women don't have this problem, but I'm sure the lack of this problem comes with the addition of another. 

  My ex-husband (more on him later) used to tease me all the time about my big butt. He used to call me names and tended to be a bit of a jerk (hindsight is 20/20 on this one). I thought he was full of it. Then, one day, I was putting on a pair of khaki pants that were somewhat tailored. They were designed to be more fitted. I turned around and looked in the mirror and pretty much felt my jaw drop from shock.

  I had always assumed that I didn't have much of a butt. One of my sister's has a bigger butt than I do. I'm not hear claiming to have a huge butt, but for my hip width, I personally believe that I'm also filled out to match nicely. (At least that's what I currently think.) I was so surprised. 

  As I've mentioned, I tend to get flattened out. This means that people generally don't notice or think that I have a curve in the back. Two years ago, at a co-workers birthday party, I wore one of my favorite pairs of jeans. I got them in Italy in 2008 and they have wings embroidered down the back. I wore them to said party and my boss at the time looked at me and said, "Where have you been hiding your ass?!"

  To which my response was, "Under pants."

    Some people would consider me to be an hourglass figure, but I was told by the fabulous Tim Gunn (in person) that’s a misnomer. Hourglass figure would actually imply that your shoulders and your hips are the same size; and, I am grateful that is not the case. I had the privilege of meeting Tim Gunn when I worked at a bookstore that’s no longer around and his book Gunn’s Golden Rules came out. I treasure my signed copy of that book.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Curvy Girl Complications...