Chronology & Photos

  I figured that before my next post I would explain the chronology or possible lack there of in my posts. I started out intending to do posts in chronological order, but as I was thinking of ideas and writing them out, they didn't flow forth in that manner. Sometimes I will go back and reorder posts to go chronologically, as I think the background is important and will help going forward.

  I will do my best to reference the timeframe of the story in the post. If anyone isn't sure of how old I am when reading this, I am 33. I apparently look like I'm barely 23. Yes, yes I know, I should be grateful. I do address this in a later post and will explain why I'm not thrilled that I don't look closer to my age.

  I am going through posts and realizing photos from when I was younger would help. Current photos would probably be useful too. I can show you what I dressed like and what I looked like; and, show you the hideous dresses I used to have to wear. Quick note: I am smiling in these photos. As a kid I enjoyed posing for photos, but that does not mean I enjoyed what I was wearing. I started hating photos after my parents were divorced and all my father seemed to do was take a photo every five minutes. 

  I need to find these photos. I'm sure my mother has tons. I will post the photos as I find them and share any stories I remember from them. I will also post photos from my heaviest times and my most in shape. Fluctuations are part of life. I have learned (after decades) not to beat myself up over things and work on fixing them. One day at a time. 

Stay tuned for the next Curvy Girl Complications coming this Friday!