2018 is A Blank Slate

  So, thinking about 2017 and trying to think of what to say for this post. I intended to start and keep this blog as something lighthearted. As I was writing it, however, I realized that I would be hiding an essential part of my journey if I didn't talk about some of the difficult topics. 

  Whether this is the first time you're reading my blog or if you've read the slim number of posts I've created, welcome. My goal for 2018 is to actually bring this blog to life on a regular basis. I dare say, I may even try posting weekly! Perhaps this is a lofty goal, but goals are something you always work toward and don't let the bumps in the road stop you.

  Body positivity and mental wellbeing are extremely important topics. While it is easy to turn some stories humorous now, some of them were not so when they happened. To "ignore" the stories of the past that caused pain and created (what I now see as) learning opportunities isn't helpful to someone who may be struggling.

  Whatever it is that you struggle with, and I do believe we all struggle with something on a daily basis or weekly or whenever it happens to attack, know that you are not alone. Many of us were made fun of. Many of us have had and will still have difficulties to overcome. You are not alone. Some days will be better than others. This is true for all people. 

  What I wish you, reader, to take away from this blog is that you should do your best to not let the reactions of others get you down. Is that a difficult task to ask of you? Yes. I struggle with it still. Living in the moment is hard. Resetting your clock each morning is hard too. Trying not to take things personally is harder still. 

  Life has no answer key. There is no right way for anyone to approach an obstacle. We are all different. How I handle situations may not be the right way for you to do so. My reactions to events will be different from yours. We need to be more forgiving and understanding. If you snap, and we all do at some point, apologize. You can't take back your action, but you can make it clear that you are sorry.

  Some people may tell you that keeping toxic people in your life is ok. It's not. I don't care who it is, family or friend. These people cause you more damage than you know. We cannot pick our family. This, however, does not mean you need to keep them in your life if they cause you more harm than good. While we can pick our friends and relationships, don't accept a person who won't give you back equally what you give them.

  There is no specific instance that caused these thoughts. I just want to clear my slate and prepare for 2018. It seems that 2017 was not a great year for many. I hope 2018 is a great year for everyone who reads this and everyone who doesn't. Remember, we control how we react to other people's actions. Sometimes you can't control your reactions at first, but gain control and move forward. I love you all.

P.S. Look for a YouTube channel coming from yours truly soon!