Natural Flea Remedy

I saw Mayor Tyson’s mom post about a Natural Flea Remedy that she gave to Tyson and now to Howie. My one concern was that it’s a lot of coconut oil for Bogey’s size. After some consideration, it’s less coconut oil at once then you would think. At the moment, Bogey is still taking a flea medication orally. The vet recommended that we switch to a topical one and I’m looking into more natural remedies.

I haven’t been able to find the direct link to the recipe itself, but click Mayor Tyson to take you their site. This recipe was written down from their Instagram post and I believe you can find it at their Instagram as well @mayortysonbulldog.

Each time I’ve made these, twice now, I have added a fruit to the mix to make them a little more sweet. Bogey may eat them as is, but adding a fruit or almond butter for him may make them more delicious. I don’t think it lessens the effectiveness of the treat. I plan on using this in conjunction with Wondercide to help with a more natural approach.

Now for the recipe!

Natural Flea Remedy


1 1/8 cup Coconut Oil

1/2 cup Brewers Yeast

Optional: 1 banana, some fruit or peanut/almond butter


  1. Melt coconut oil. (I put mine in a glass measuring cup and in microwave).

  2. Pour coconut oil into blender/food processor. Add brewers yeast and if using fruit or a nut butter add now as well.

  3. Blend.

  4. I then pour into a squeeze bottle to help fill the molds more easily.

  5. Place molds in freezer for them to solidify. You can then store them in the refrigerator.

Note: If you’re using frozen fruit, make sure to defrost it first. The frozen fruit will cause the mix to solidify. You can throw it in the microwave to melt it back down, but having room temp fruit may be easier.

Serving size: 20lb dog = 1 big paw. 10lb dog = 1 small paw. I have measured the sizes and know that my other molds have the same size. I’ll snap a photo of the molds, but if you have a scale, as long as you know the weights you’re good to go.

The coconut oil makes me a little nervous, but it shouldn’t be exceeding the daily amount that’s healthy for him. If you’re concerned, do what I’m doing, and slowly build up to the full amount. Bogey is a 70lb dog. He should have 3 big paws and one little paw or 7 little paws. You can start with one or two pieces and then build up. That way it shouldn’t upset your dog’s stomach.

Most of my molds were purchased on Amazon or from a craft store. I enjoy having fun different molds. I’ve found that the large paws are a bit big for Bogey to chew. The Star Wars molds I have are a bit more manageable for him. He was turning his head away from them later this week, but not really sure why. Probably just being a stubborn picky bulldog.

I am all about the natural remedies and a site like Mayor Tyson’s is a godsend. I highly recommend checking the site out. They also have links to their Amazon page of recommended items, which I find very helpful.

Keep an eye out for some more treat recipes!