Shake, Shake, Shake...Shake, Shake, Shake...Your Head

Hi folks!

Been a while since I posted something about Bogey’s health. We have some catching up to do. Bogey was keeping me up at night due to his constant licking. He was not only licking his paws, but he was licking the air. Occasionally, he would turn his head and snap at the air.

This was concerning me. I managed to take some video of it for our next vet visit. As I’m sure all pet parents know all too well, your pet never exhibits the symptoms you want when you go to the vet’s office. I showed the videos to the vet; and, surprisingly, Bogey actually did both of the things I had taken a video of while at the appointment.

The vet said he thought that Bogey was having seizures. He recommended a medication to put Bogey on. We switched his allergy medication at the same time, as the previous one seemed to to be ineffective. I know some pet owners are against medication, but I believe it was the right choice at the time. I am looking into natural remedies, but I do not like seeing my dog suffer.

Luckily, Bogey has never had a gran mal seizure. He only has experienced smaller ones. The vet also recommend that we switch either to a natural or a topical flea preventative as the ingested ones can cause seizures to become worse. I am going to place an order for Wondercide shortly. Several bulldog parents recommend it highly.

Bogey’s allergies are under control, I believe. I would still like to try and switch him to a raw or cooked diet as that seems to be a recommendation as well. Bogey does not like eating raw food, but seems to enjoy cooked food, so I am hoping to try a recipe from Mayor Tyson’s site to see how he enjoys it. He’s a very picky eater, so I think several recipes may have to be tried.

Mayor Tyson’s site is an excellent resource for so many things. Speaking of a natural flea remedy, Mayor Tyson has a recipe posted on their site. I will be posting that as my recipe for this coming Wednesday so take a look! I am going to use that in conjunction with Wondercide.

It was almost an overnight difference once we gave him the medication. He is getting more rest and so am I. As I said, I am going to do some research into some natural supplements that may help. CBD oil is high up on the list and we do give him that. I think will start doing that nightly for him to help. Fish oil is also recommended. Bogey does not like the taste of it by itself, but when mixed into a treat, there doesn’t seem to be a problem. Coconut oil is another recommendation and that is a key ingredient in the natural flea remedy and he does love coconut oil treats.

It was bit scary finding out that what was happening to my little man were seizures. I do believe, however, that we are providing the best care we are able and looking into ways to improve his health daily. Unfortunately for us, we have to budget wisely. Several of the raw kibbles are significantly more expensive than the kibble he is on now. This is why I am so keen to look into cooked food for him.

We do have pet insurance, but his seizures were a noted pre-existing condition along with his allergies. I certainly don’t mind that all of his conditions are not covered. Whatever help we get from our insurance is greatly appreciated.

As stated previously, the medication has made a drastic difference. Next month I plan to start the natural flea protection and remedy fully. I will report on if that shows any additional changes for him. Hope you have a great week!