I'll Be Here to Listen

In this newest post of the Bulldog Blog I want to talk about Bogey being an Emotional Support Dog. I know, I know yet another emotional support dog. There are so many emotional support animals that make no sense at first approach. Perhaps it’s because I don’t have the full story so that it seems so unbelievable. Although, hearing about an emotional support duck is quite interesting.

It’s in our nature to be judgmental. I wish sometimes that it wasn’t my first reaction. I’ve spoken about this in my other blog, but not sure if it’s been brought up in depth here. I fall on the autism spectrum. Where I fall is not 100% established, as I’m not willing to pay for all the tests.

I think a brief explanation of what I go through might be helpful. I thought I was an outgoing person. I thought that I was extroverted. The truth is I’m really not. I don’t like groups. I don’t like being around a lot of people I don’t know. Now, there are some of those situations that I can manage. I love going to LA Kings games and my husband is always with me and that helps. It’s more concerts where you can be surrounded by other people and situations like that. It’s why I prefer to stay home vs going out.

You’d think that I wouldn’t be able to handle theme parks, but those were happy places for me as a child. Those are calming unless it’s packed and I can’t move around and then it makes me upset. I’ve never been good around other people. I don’t have much, if any, filter and don’t typically take in consideration how other people might feel about what I say.

When I’ve had a really bad day, coming home to a wiggle butt bulldog is the best thing ever. Please understand, that my husband is amazing and takes excellent care of me. There are some things that neither of us can help the other with and that’s what Bogey helps with. We had him registered as an emotional support dog because that’s a small part of what he does.

I didn’t register Bogey to be an emotional support dog to treat him as a service animal. He performs a service for me. He performs a service for my husband. He takes care of us emotionally. He is not a dog to be taken into supermarkets or restaurants. Sure, it helps in applying for an apartment and makes that easier. But, he is not the same as a service animal and I think that’s what can annoy me about other emotional support animals.

He’s my support when I need it most. My husband and Bogey make my support system complete at home. There’s something that a dog can do that a human can’t. Having them both there makes it complete. Somedays I really need both of them to help. Bogey always knows which one of his humans needs him the most. He usually chooses to sit in between both of us. He’s the sweetest boy there is.

Stay tuned for the next Recipe! Coming Wednesday!