I'm A Little Tea Pot

Hi Folks! Time for another Bulldog Blog! You might be a bit curious about the title of the the post. I was trying to think of something cute and clever describing Bogey’s build. He’s most definitely short and stout. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but it does make it hard to find him clothing.

Now, let’s start with the whole clothing on dogs is wrong. Some dogs need clothing when it’s cold because they don’t have the fur to protect them from the temperatures. Bulldogs are temperature sensitive. I do live in Southern California, but we can have cold winters. Cold is relative sure, but if I can see my breath outside, then it’s probably cold for Bogey.

Bulldogs can also overheat easily, so once we get back from a walk when it’s cold, the clothes are removed. In addition, Bogey doesn’t fight me putting clothes on him. In fact, he has carried his clothes to his bed before, after taking them out of a bag. When I went to put on his St. Patrick’s Day shirt today, he was smiling and happy. He stands there and lets me put them on. He doesn’t fight it. He doesn’t mind them or try to take them off.

I can assure you that if my boy fought me or it was clear it really bothered him, I wouldn’t do it. The easiest things to put on him are the over the collar bandanas. I have a few of those for him as well as bandanas and bow ties that tie around his neck. There are several really great companies out there for items. We’ve got banandas and other clothing items from Little Shop Joy, Geekster Pets, Woofology, Paw-Cessories (@paw.cessories on Instragram), PB + Jammies and Adorabullz Designz (@adorabullzdesignz on Instagram).

Full disclosure, Bogey is a Brand Rep for Paw-Cessories. If you would like a discount on an order from them via Instagram, use the code Bogey1 for 15% off. All of these brands have different virtues. I ordered Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Day bandanas from Little Shop Joy. I keep my eye out for discounts they offer on their site. With Geekster Pets, I love that they are double-sided and have snaps to keep the bandanas on.

Woofology is located in the UK, but the shipping cost is reasonable and adorable Disney themed bandanas. Paw-Cessories we have both bow ties and bandanas from. Their bandanas are double-sided as well and I love theming them. Adorabullz Designz makes custom shirts for your bulldog. I imagine they would make it for other breeds as well, but they are marketed as being for bulldogs. Bulldogs are short and stout. Bogey has a 21in neck, a 32in chest and is 19in long. These measurements don’t fit a standard Large or Extra Large. Being able to order him a custom shirt is fantastic and well worth the cost.

I absolutely love the shirt I ordered from Adorabullz Design. I have another on order for my little love with them and am highly contemplating another. PB + Jammies make matching human and dog pjs. When they had a sale, I hopped on that for us. You can also order pjs to donate for dogs in shelters. One day, we will have a family portrait with them on. So many of these companies donate part of their proceeds, which makes me even happier to support them.

I would really love to learn how to make these items myself. The key is finding the time to do it and teach myself how to do the patterns. I am confident that I would be able to figure it out and make all sorts of items. I know how to knit and crochet and would like to start making things for him that way as well. I have the creative itch and would love to put it toward good use with my dog. I will keep you updated if I get to it!

Stay tuned for more Bulldog Blogs!